Ways To Overcome Your Fear Of Doing Pilates

how to overcome fear of doing pilates

You are likely already aware of the health benefits of doing Pilates; your friends have probably been inviting you along to their classes for months. However, upon seeing the equipment, you changed your mind – suddenly, it seems too difficult, and you feel it might be better to give it a miss after all. 

Before abandoning the idea, you need to understand that there’s nothing to fear when doing Pilates. Here are some of the best ways of overcoming your fear of giving it a go. 

Understand That Skill Level Isn’t Important 

Doing Pilates isn’t a competition, and you shouldn’t ever fall into the trap of comparing yourself with other people. Remember that everyone was a beginner once, and all that matters is what you are taking out of it as an individual. 

Besides, there are different class levels available. You should start with the one that matches your skill. In doing so, you won’t feel intimidated at all. 

Get To Know The Others In Your Class 

If no one invited you to try Pilates, and you’re doing it alone, it doesn’t matter. You can be friendly with the other people in the room, and they won’t judge you. Others might even be beginners like you, which will enable you to break the ice and share this learning experience together. 

Your instructor will also be there to assist and encourage you. If you still dislike being alone, then never fear; Pilates offers a fun, convivial atmosphere for beginners and professionals alike. 

Remember That You Are In Good Hands 

You will be joining the classes where instructors have plenty of experiences in doing the job. They can help you and make you feel more relaxed. When you see how they try to make things easier for you, your fear will start to go away. 

Prepare Yourself Ahead Of The Class 

If you’re a nervous first-timer, then it can help to go into this experience armed with a little knowledge. When you have an idea of what’s about to happen, you will feel more confident. You might try reaching out to friends who already know the ropes, and who will be able to put your mind at ease, and advise you on what to expect. Take notes and use them when you start to do Pilates in the future. 

The Equipment Isn’t Scary 

You might feel scared when you see the Pilates equipment at first. It’s natural to feel that way since it’s new to you, but remember that your instructor is there for a reason: to teach you. If they expected you to know exactly what you are supposed to do with the equipment, then there wouldn’t be any point to the class. 

You will feel awkward at first, but things will get better. You might even find that, by subsequent classes, you only require minimal assistance from the instructor. 

Never allow fear to get in the way of your Pilates journey. You will eventually overcome your fear, and feel the benefits of trying Pilates. 

Pilates Power

If you are in the area, check out classes for Pilates in Oxford; pinning down a class that suits you will make it much harder for you to putt off going. Again, there are different levels available, and you don’t have to be an expert right away. You will go through a process until you’re familiar with how Pilates works.

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