The Benefits Of Regular Eye Exams

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Many people struggle with the fear of severe vision loss even when they do not have any severe symptoms. Eye exams can put your mind at ease because they make it possible to detect eye problems before they get out of hand. According to the NHS, you should get an eye exam once every two years. Common eye problems in Jacksonville are cataracts, refractive errors, and keratoconus. The following are some of the most common benefits of getting an eye exam in Jacksonville

1. Improving Performance At Work Or School 

Regular eye exams may improve your productivity at work or in school. 80% of what students learn requires good vision and it may be difficult to perform well at work if you struggle with eye problems. Annual eye exams may be all you need to make sure that you remain comfortable and productive at work or in school. 

2. Vision Screenings Are Not Equal To Eye Exams 

Vision screenings at work, the motor vehicle department, or school are not enough to confirm that your eyes are in great condition. You need eye exams no matter how often you get vision screenings. They make it possible to identify problems that may not be apparent from your daily tasks. 

Your eye doctor can help you ensure that your vision is good and that you do not have any serious eye problems. Serious diseases like eye cancer and glaucoma may not have any serious symptoms during the early stages. 

3. Detecting Other Serious Problems 

Regular eye exams may help your eye doctor detect other serious problems like cancer, high cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure. In most cases, your eyes are a reflection of your general health. After a comprehensive exam, your doctor may be able to evaluate your overall health. The condition of your eyes's blood vessels may be a predictor of hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, and hypertension. 

If you have severe health problems or you are at a high risk of diabetes due to a family history of diabetes, annual eye exams are essential. Over 30 million people with diabetes in America are at risk of getting diabetic eye diseases. The disease has no symptoms and you need an eye exam to detect it. 

4. Establishing A Health Baseline 

Regular eye exams may help your doctor develop a baseline of your eye tissues. They can detect future changes. According to eye doctors, you should get a baseline eye exam by age 40. 

5. Preventing Blindness 

Eye exams may help you prevent blindness. Over 75% of all blindness cases can be prevented if identified in time. Eye exams are important especially when conducted regularly. Ocular conditions and symptoms may be irreversible if they aren’t detected early. 

Getting regular eye exams is a good idea even if you have no symptoms of eye problems. The exams are great for more than just your eyes. They protect your general health and wellness and could make it possible to detect more severe problems. Regular exams could save your vision or even your life.

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