Overall Wellness Explained In Seven Dimensions

overall wellness dimensions

Being physically healthy does not amount to wellness. It has everything to do with nutrition, weight management, blood pressure, sugar level, and mental well-being. That means your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being can affect your quality of life. For that reason, wellness is represented in seven dimensions that have to work together to make your life run smoothly. Greenwich Village weight loss team is aspiring to teach you some tips. Read on to find out how you can gain seven dimensions of wellness offered at Shift Wellness in New York. 

7 Dimensions Of Wellness 

Physical Wellness 

To be physically fit, you need to adopt healthy behaviors including proper nutrition, avoiding alcohol and substance abuse, engaging in physical exercises and using labor-saving items. That not only increases your lifespan, but it also allows you to enjoy the quality of your life. 

Emotional Wellness 

To be considered emotionally fit, you must express your human emotions such as joy, sadness, composure, self-acceptance, and anger. That means you can express your feelings of love and be loved to have a purpose in life. Avoiding instances of pessimism and low self-esteem can boost your emotional wellness in ways you cannot begin to imagine. 

Intellectual Wellness 

The brain is programmed to accept challenges and be creative. Like physical wellness, the mind needs to be exercised to help you possess a high intellectual wellness level. Always keep up-to- date on local events and participate in activities that arouse your mind. 

Social Wellness 

Social wellness is depicted when you can interact successfully with people around you. That means you can communicate in a language they understand. It also helps you compromise with different personas and create a network of friends and family members. 

Spiritual Wellness 

Whether you are Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, or atheist, having a set of beliefs, principles, and values can contribute to your spiritual wellness. Having a high level of faith, hope, and commitment give you a sense of purpose. That is why it is important you understand the meaning and purpose of human existence and appreciate things beyond your understanding. 

Environmental Wellness 

Being aware of how the unstable state of the earth affects your daily life is a sign of emotional wellness. That not only helps you to engage in eco-friendly habits, but it also lets you appreciate how the environment impacts on your life. It has everything to do with engaging in socially responsible activities to protect the environment. 

Occupational Wellness 

Using your gifts, skills, and talents to enrich your life is a sign of occupational wellness. However, if you have a bad attitude towards your purpose in your workplace, you are likely to become unproductive. So, work on your commitment to your occupation to get satisfying results. 

Your Overall Wellness Depends On The Seven Dimensions 

When you understand how the seven dimensions impact your wellness, you can do anything to promote your life quality. Schedule an appointment with your doctor at Shift Wellness to learn more about how you can promote your wellness.

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