How To Get In The Zone When You Workout

how to stay in the zone during your workout

There are two kinds of fuel to your workout. There’s the critical nutritional fuel you need to keep your body going. Then there’s the motivational fuel you need to keep your mind going. After all, it’s the mind that convinces the body to move and to keep moving. If you can’t convince the mind, you’ll have a harder time convincing the body. So, let’s look at some of the ways you can get your mind in the zone and make your workout last longer, go easier, and work better.

The Road Ahead 

Progression is an incredibly important element to the human psychology. If we feel like we’re getting something, we’re reaching something, or we’re seeing measurable differences, we’re likely to continue doing what helped us get there. With exercise, however, it’s not always to see progression. It can be a slow progress. Whether losing weight or building muscle, taking progress pictures of yourself can be a great help. But before that, make the difference measurable. If you’re running, for instance, set running goals of new distances to reach, new records to set in terms of time, or new endurance records showing how long you could stay on your feet for. As you see yourself push your boundaries further and further, it creates a momentum that makes the work all the more rewarding. 

Listen Up 

Setting goals and measuring your progress can work fantastically in the long run. But what about in the short-term? The brain can be tricked into tolerating all kinds of hardship with the right stimulus, and it just so happens that for exercise, music is one of the best stimuli out there. Find the best headphones for running, set up a playlist of upbeat, high-tempo songs that keep a consistent rhythm, and get going. Music distracts you from the physical effort, helps you keep pace, elevates your mood, and has even been proven to make people try even harder and push even further when it comes to their exercise. It instantly changes the experience of working out. 

Use A Helping Hand 

The right company can be just as effective as music. If you’re new to working out or running, then inviting a friend along is one of the best steps you can take. If they’re a little more experienced, they can offer tips to make it as smooth as possible. Otherwise, friends are great at keeping people accountable. 

When you feel like you’re part of a group effort, you’re less likely to heed your own desires to stop, slow down, or take a break. What’s more, good company increases endorphin production in the brain, which makes the body feel better. In time, your body produces enough of those during a workout to keep you self-sustaining, but if you need a little help to get to that point, it’s not big deal. 

Get In The Zone And Stay In The Zone

The right mindset can truly make all the difference to your exercise. Without motivation, it’s too easy to avoid making the hard choice and get back into it the next morning or to decide to call an early break. Fitness is mental, not just physical. Remember that.

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