5 Ways To Disinfect Your Home During Winter

ways disinfect home during winter house cleaning

Ensuring that your house is always clean throughout the different seasons shouldn’t be such a complicated task. Your house tends to accumulate dirt depending on the season. For instance, the winter season is characterized by snowy weather and shorter periods of daylight compared to other seasons. Due to this, many people opt to stay indoors hosting family get-togethers and other parties. The numerous meet-ups and hang out sessions often lead to more mess piling up, thus the need for proper cleaning. 

During winter, the number of people suffering from flu and cold viruses shoots up too. These germ-caused illnesses may even lead to death amongst most susceptible people. It is therefore, necessary to keep your house clean and away from germs. This article discusses the disinfection tips for winter and how online shopping comes in handy when buying the needed cleaning products. 

Disinfecting Your Home 

In these sections, we take a look at how to disinfect your home and various ways that you can follow to keep your home clean during the winter season. 


There is definitely a lot of dust that has accumulated over the past season. Dusting and cleaning an area that is full of unwanted items is a time-consuming process. It is advisable to get rid of all the clutter that has been lying around before you embark on the actual cleaning. Pick up and arrange all the kids’ toys, slippers, and unfolded clothes before wiping the room clean with water. Picking up pieces of items that are all over the space ensures that you spend minimal time cleaning. Also, keep away all the clothing that will not be used during the winter season to leave more room for necessary attire in the closet. You can choose to throw away items you rarely use, keep them in storage spaces, or donate them elsewhere. This is a great way to keep your house dirt and dust free. 

Clean The Kitchen Thoroughly 

The winter season is the perfect time to have your family and friends around for sumptuous dinners and lively conversations. Since the kitchen and its appliances are a great deal here, they need to remain functional and clean. Below are tips you can follow to keep your kitchen disinfected. 

1. To ensure that your fridge operates efficiently, you must properly clean it often. Switch off the fridge plug to clean the condenser coils, usually on the rear. You can choose to vacuum them or brush them using a condenser cleaning brush to eliminate accumulated dirt. 

2. Go ahead to get rid of the piled-up frost in the freezer vents. This prepares for proper air circulation in the freezer. 

3. Remove all the food in the fridge and clean the compartments thoroughly. You can directly clean them over running sink water. Wipe the inside clean with a cleaning solution or naturally through an apple cider vinegar and baking soda mix. Let it dry before putting back the food. 

4. Warm some white vinegar in the microwave to ease the food stains, then wipe clean using a towel. Pour some too in the dishwasher to leave it sparkling clean. 

5. Clean and de-grease your oven by scrubbing properly using a baking soda solution. 

6. Wipe clean your kitchen drawers and clean the utensils afresh before storing them back. 

Soak the kitchen towels in a mixture of warm water and vinegar for about 30 minutes, then wash and rinse properly. You can soak the white ones in bleach before washing. 

Make Your House Entrance Winter-Friendly 

You can make your house free of winter dirt and mud by preparing your entrance. You can place an outdoor mat where guests can brush off large pieces of dirt from their shoes. An indoor mat is also a necessity to ensure no dirt remnants get in the house. You can also have a shoe brush outside for additional clean up. Have a bench and shoe rack in place, where guests can easily remove their shoes. You are also required to have an umbrella holder where visitors can leave their soggy umbrellas. 

Disinfect The House 

This is an important aspect of cleaning, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic era and with guests coming over frequently. Ensure that you wear re-usable gloves when disinfecting. First, use soapy water and a clean towel to wipe doorknobs, the working area, toilets and bathrooms, sinks, phones, fridge doors, light switches, and other general household items. Go ahead to immediately disinfect using a household disinfectant that effectively kills germs on the surfaces. This routine should be done frequently. 

Clean The Air Purifier Filters 

You need to use an air purifier during winter. The purifier ensures that the air you inhale is clean and free from dust particles, air pollutants, and allergens that may easily trigger your allergic reactions and make you develop breathing issues. The filter should be often cleaned of all the accumulated dust particles that can cause air pollution. 

Buying Cleaning Products Online 

Lately, most people prefer online shopping for their household utilities that include cleaning products. Online stores attract large masses of online shoppers due to the great deals they offer. You can take advantage of the great deals offered through online coupons. These provide you with a coupon code that can be easily redeemed, thus ensuring you spend less on your cleaning products. There is also the provision of voucher codes that offer discounts on selected items. The Souq coupon code, for instance, is a great marketing strategy that has been embraced by the online retail store to ensure shoppers save big. 


Ensuring that your home is clean, disinfected, and well maintained is a perfect way to ensure that you and your visitors enjoy a great ambience while staying indoors during the winter season.

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