10 Ways To Take Care Of Your Skin This Winter

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Healthy glowing skin is something everyone wants all year round. But, let's face it, during winter, achieving glowing skin requires more than the usual skincare routine. For starters, the winter environment can damage your skin, making it dry, scratchy, and irritated. The cold conditions outside leave your skin feeling raw, while the indoor heat steals all the moisture from the air and come for the one on your skin. What's more, the things you're supposed to enjoy during winter, such as sitting by a fire, dry your skin. Even the hot showers during winter can strip off the natural skin oils. 

Yet, there are many tips to help prevent the causes of dry skin during winter. Although they include several changes to your everyday routine, these recommendations will help keep your skin moist, supple and give it the health it deserves. 

Winter Skin Care Guide 

1. Use Lukewarm Water For Showers 

It's tempting to go for hot showers when the weather is cold. But, if you care for your skin, go for lukewarm water. While at it, minimize your shower time to 5-10 minutes. Hot showers quickly dry your skin and make it itchy, crack, or even winter eczema when you don't use the right organic skincare products to moisturize. Even after using lukewarm water, you should use a moisturizer to create a barrier against skin moisture from escaping. 

2. Apply Natural Moisturizer 

Choosing a natural moisturizer and a body lotion is a crucial procedure. It calls for the analyzing of every ingredient used in the making of the product. Sensitive skin care products that are especially oil-based are essential in helping keep your skin moisturized. Don't forget to apply these products to your feet and hands. Remember to use these organic skincare products not more than 10 minutes after showering or washing your hands. 

3. Drink Enough Water 

Drinking water during winter is one of the best tips you can implement if you want to give your skin its supple look. Beauty specialist insists that healthy skin come from within. This includes what you eat but mostly what you drink. So, instead of taking caffeinated drinks throughout the day, you can replace them with lots of water. 

4. Add Humidifiers In The Rooms 

Consider adding a humidifier in your office or where you spend most of your time. The device will help put moisture back in the air, preventing your skin from looking chronically dry. Usually, winter is characterized by low humidity, which is why it's likely that moisture will be stripped off your skin. Moreover, since you'll be keeping your furnace on most of the time during summer, it can dry up the moisture in your rooms. A humidifier, however, can return the moisture in the air. 

5. Choose Better Cleansers 

Most beauty products contain harsh ingredients that are damaging to the skin. These damages are clear during winter because you get cracked, eczema, and dry skin. Instead of using products containing alcohol or added fragrances, choose cream-based cleansers that will keep your body moisturized as they remove dirt and makeup. 

6. Invest In Ideal Fashion For The Winter And Skin 

Most fashion attires for winter are fabricated from harsh materials. And when the attire comes into direct contact with your skin, they irritate. When you couple the severe winter weather and the rough clothing you wear, you increase unhealthy skin chances. 

You can change all that by investing in fashion fabricated from alpaca, sheep wool, and other materials that can't cause any skin irritation. Moreover, keep your skin covered, including neck, hand, and ears, to prevent harsh winter elements from drying patches of your skin. 

7. Lower The Thermostat 

It is only natural to want to crank up the heat during winter. But, excessive heat in the house dries up the moisture in the air and eventually your skin. Adjusting the thermostat to between 20°C to 22°C will still feel warm and comfortable. Moreover, you'll be protecting your skin from dryness. 

8. Apply Sunscreen, Even In Winter 

It's just as important to apply sunscreen during winter as in summer. On bright winter days, snow reflects 80 percent of the sun's rays. From a Skin Cancer Foundation post, the winter snow sun reflection increases your skin's health risk. Even when it looks darker and dreary during winter, the UV rays can permeate the cloud and reach your skin. So whether you're playing in the snow, running errands, or on the slopes, ensure you're wearing sunscreen. 

9. Eat Right 

Fruits, mostly seasonal such as berries, cherries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, and others, contain nutrients responsible for healthier skin. These fruits are essential significantly if you've reduced your water intake during the cold season. Other foods you can include in your diet include soups, juices, milk, and salads as they contain nutrients your body needs. 

10. Exercise 

Yes, you saw it right. You have to leave your cozy blanket on a chilly morning or whenever to exercise. Here is why. During winter, the sweat glands, blood vessels, and oil constrict. It thus becomes difficult for your skin to take care of itself naturally, which means it needs your help. Exercising is one way of helping your skin rejuvenate. How? The blood vessels will expand to allow more blood flow, and sweat glands will open to release toxic. 

There you have it – a guide to better skin during winter. These skincare tips are not difficult to follow. On the contrary, they can become part of your daily routine, and your skin will thank you.

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