9 Beverages To Keep You Healthy This Winter Season

nutritious beverages keep you healthy winter season

For most people, the onset of the winter season signifies the beginning of a period characterized by regular consumption of hot healthy beverages. The season is dedicated to mugs of hot chocolate, eggnog, mules, cocktails, and many more. While some of these beverages are classified as healthy drinks, others aren’t too healthy! Remember that cold temperatures can impact your health in different ways. Rather than consume processed drinks, consider the following drinks during the looming season. 

The Best Winter Drinks 

1. Hot Water, Lemon, And Ginger 

This list wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t start by mentioning the most iconic winter beverage of all time. As you already know, hot lemon water is something you should consider taking each morning, regardless of whether it’s cold or warm outside. 

Lemon water contains essential immune-boosting qualities that help to enhance your well-being. Adding ginger to the water makes the water taste better while also making it healthier. Add a few drops of honey if you are suffering from a sore throat. 

2. Buttered Coffee 

Coffee doesn’t have to be a boring winter drink. Why not spice up your morning cup by adding a healthy twist to it? When buttered, the beverage helps you eliminate the caffeine jitters while providing you with an energy boost to last you the whole day. Furthermore, a single cup of this brew will also boost your daily intake of beneficial fats. Your blender will emulsify the coconut oil or MCT oil and the butter to provide the brew with an exciting creamy latte effect. 

3. Herbal Tea 

Winter is the perfect time to switch out your everyday tea and replace it with loose leaf tea. As is the case with any other teas, you can easily prepare it at home and continue to keep warm for the rest of the winter season. 

The best thing about herbal teas is that they don’t lead to an increase in caffeine intake. Additionally, you have many options to consider, with some of the most common in the online tea and coffee shop being tulsi tea, green tea, and blue tea. 

4. Hot Almond Milk 

Drinking a cup of hot almond milk is another excellent way to keep the body warm during the cold season. Regularly sipping your almond milk will ensure you don’t freeze as you go about your daily activities. 

Almond milk is rich in essential nutrients such as essential fatty acids, calcium, and protein, all of which are needed by the body to remain healthy. The beverage will boost your strength during winter and improve your heart health and bone health. 

5. Chai Tea 

Although the variety of chai tea available in most shops isn’t healthy, this recipe, using chai tea bags is good for you. Many chai varieties tend to have loads of full- fat milk and way too much sugar in them. 

The ideal chai recipe has eight servings. This means that each cup will only have a single teaspoon of sugar. Moreover, it’s beneficial for your health as it’s brewed using a wide array of nutrient-packed spices and herbs. 

6. Fresh Mint Tea 

Fresh mint tea is considered a wonderful digestive that can do wonders when you are suffering from nausea or an upset stomach. Its health benefits aside, the tea has a delicious taste that will make you want to take more sips as the day progresses. 

It doesn’t take much for you to make a cup of your own. All you need is a few fresh mint leaves, a teapot, and a metal tea ball. Add freshly boiled water to the leaves and leave them to steep for a few minutes for them to taste. 

7. Golden Milk 

The golden-colored milk is both creamy and soothing to the body. Turmeric offers various health benefits such as liver detoxification, antimicrobial, potent anti- cancer, and anti-inflammatory properties. 

Apart from keeping you healthy and warm during the winter season, the golden milk is also great for promoting digestive health and boosting your brain function. It has also been seen to assist in strengthening the immune system and regulating your body’s metabolism. 

Ginger, which is contained in the milk, contains anti-inflammatory properties and also enhances the assimilation and absorption of essential nutrients in your body. It also plays a big role in fighting the growth of cancer cells. It’s what makes it the ideal winter drink. 

8. Hot Vegetable Broth 

When faced with unending cold weather, nothing is more comforting than indulging in a bowl of hot vegetable broth. Ensure the broth is prepared using nourishing vegetables to assist in boosting your health. 

Consuming a freshly prepared bowl of vegetable broth will give you the warmth you need to stay sane and provide the body with crucial dietary fibers. 

9. Cinnamon Drink 

Cinnamon is a popular spice mainly used to spice up different drinks and foods. The spice comes loaded with potent medicinal properties required to keep the body healthy. It also has important anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. A cinnamon drink will also be good for your body as it will lower your blood sugar levels and boost your heart health. You can use it during the winter season to prepare a broad range of beverages. 

You can choose to use milk with cinnamon or to prepare the drinks with the spice alone. Either way, you should end up with an outstanding drink for the winter season.

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