Exercises For A Healthy Spine

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Dr. James Chang in East Brunswick is one of the best sports medicine specialists and orthopedists in New Jersey. One thing in particular that he can help you with is spinal disorders. 

Most chronic back pains are caused by issues to the spine. A good exercise routine should help you strengthen your back and spine. 

However, there are certain stretches that specifically help your spine. They will ensure that your spine is aligned and your back muscles are flexible. 

The following are four examples of exercises for a healthy spine: 

1. Back Flexion Exercise 

As the name suggests, the exercise involves stretching your back muscles. It will also help align the spine by curving and stretching it. 

The exercise is done by first lying flat on your back. Lift both of your knees and pull them towards you. Lift your head and try to connect your face to your knees. 

Hold that position for thirty seconds and then take a rest for however long you need. Repeat the exercise five times and you should feel a great stretch in your back. 

2. Knee To Chest Stretch 

The knee to stretch is another great way to lengthen your spine and stretch your back. It is very similar to the back flexion exercise. 

You begin by lying flat on your back. Lift one knee and pull it towards you. Try to get the knee to touch your chest. If you are unable to reach the chest just pull as hard as is comfortable. 

Put the leg back on the ground and stretch the other leg in the same manner. Ensure that you put your back on the ground while you stretch for support. 

3. Neck Stretch 

The spine reaches all the way up to the neck, so stretching the neck is a great exercise to maintain a healthy spine. This exercise involves stretching the neck in all directions and can be done anywhere. Stand straight with your head looking forward. Drop your head to the right and towards your right shoulder. Place your hand on the side of your head and pull your head gently to the right. 

Hold for thirty seconds and then release your head into a neutral position. Repeat the sequence on the other side. 

Place your hands on the back of your head and then pull your head forwards towards your chest. Hold the position for thirty seconds and then relax. 

Lift your head upwards and look towards the ceiling. Hold the position and feel the stretch in the front of your neck. You can repeat the sequences as long as you like. 

4. Hip Crossover Stretch 

The hip crossover stretch is a particularly great movement for the lower back and spine. However, it will also stretch your hip and glutes. 

Lie flat on your back, preferably on a mat. Bend your knees about shoulder width apart. Cross your left leg over the right leg and lift your left leg. Use your hands to pull your left knee towards your chest. 

Hold the position for thirty seconds, and then repeat the sequence on the other side. Repeat this lumbar spine exercise as many times as you want for a stronger and more flexible lower back.

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