How To Rebuild Your Mouth And Restore Oral Hygiene

how to rebuild mouth restore oral hygiene dentistry

If you are missing all your teeth or a significant portion of the teeth, or your teeth have suffered from extensive damage, full arch rehabilitation is at your aid. It helps you live a life free of worries concerning tooth pain, cavities, or additional dental procedures. Best of all, you get your beautiful smile back. 

Full arch rehabilitation is a dental procedure that utilizes several dental implants to support dentures. Oscar Muniz, DMD, MD, offers full arch dental rehabilitation in the Woodlands at Oral Facial Surgery Specialists through state-of-the-art techniques. Dr. Muniz ensures that the implant-supported dentures closely resemble your natural teeth. This can make you feel like yourself, and even better. 

Why You Might Need Full Arch Rehabilitation 

The primary reason full-arch rehabilitation would be required is to restore all your teeth in your upper or lower jaw. This need may result from: 

· Teeth that have been injured or fractured 
· Teeth that have been lost due to decay or trauma 
· Ongoing complains of jaw, headache, and muscle pain related to the bite 
· Teeth that are severely worn out due to long-term tooth grinding or acid erosion 

Where To Begin 

If you feel the need to have full mouth rehabilitation, you can begin by speaking to a specialist such as Dr. Muniz to determine if it is right for you. It starts with a comprehensive examination of your mouth to determine the extent of the problem. The examination includes: 

Examining the condition of your teeth to determine which restorative procedures can be most effective. In particular, your provider notes any tooth movements, cracks, wears, cavity, and misalignments. 

The status of your periodontal tissue is also examined. For you to undergo full arch rehabilitation, your gum should be in good health. Alternatively, scaling or root planing can be provided to treat your gum in case it is infected. Also, more intensive procedures, such as bone or tissue grafting, build up the gum and the underlying jaw bone. This is to ensure that the newly reconstructed teeth will have a solid foundation. 

Your provider also examines any occlusal changes to determine if you require some orthodontics before additional restorative procedures. 

Other essential factors that can be considered before full mouth reconstruction include color, size, shape, and the proportion of your teeth. 

The Treatment Procedure 

After your providers have attained all the needed information related to your case, a comprehensive procedure can be designed to correct all your complications and complete your reconstruction. Your rehabilitation may require several appointments for optimal results. Periodontal care, orthognathic surgery, contouring of the gum tissue, placement of temporary restorations, and permanent repairs are among the procedures involved in other visits. 

The full arch dental rehabilitation involves all-on-four dental implants. This a special implant-supported denture attached to your mouth through four tiny screws embedded in your jawbone. After the entire procedure, you get to enjoy the following benefits: 

· The full arch implants will last for an extended period, for up to decades. 

· The implant's stability and comfort are far beyond regular dentures. 

· The dental prosthesis’s material is more robust than your natural teeth. 

· The full arch implants can make the jaw healthier. 

· Chewing and biting feels more like your natural teeth. 

If you desire to have your mouth’s architecture redesigned, you can contact Oral Facial Surgery Specialists at The Woodlands to learn more about your full arch rehabilitation option. Dr. Muniz can help you know if it is right for you.

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