DIY Infrared Saunas - History, Health Benefits, And Technology

diy infrared suana technology health benefits

When it comes to how to build a DIY Infrared sauna, it does not mean you have to literally construct it yourself. You could give it to a professional to build for you, however, you are in charge of influencing the customization, influencing how you want it to look. Here is what to know about infrared saunas: the history, health benefits, and specialized technology. 

History Of Infrared Saunas 

The first infrared sauna was developed as a ceramic sauna using far-infrared by a Japanese doctor around 1965. Later in 1979, the first full-spectrum infrared saunas began in the USA and were licensed for public use. Since then, several modifications have happened to the technology such that people have requested patented pattern owners to come up with DIY saunas for them, as they desired. 

Health Benefits Of Infrared Saunas

Better Sleep: Infrared saunas can help you sleep, or to improve sleeping conditions. By permeating the skin with infrared rays that can help the nerves relax, sleep would improve. 

Weight Loss: The heat's sauna works on the body and can burn some fat from the body. That would, therefore, reduce the weight of the body. 

Relief From Sore Muscles: By relaxing body nerves, muscles are also most likely to be relieved, therefore, sore muscles can also be relieved by this health therapy. 

Clear And Tighter Skin: DIY infrared saunas give clearer and tighter skin to those who enjoy its warm comfort. The reason is that the rays work directly on the skin, being the first part it can make contact with. Hence, clearer and tighter skin is a surety. 

Other benefits include improved body transport system and relief from joint pain as arthritis, among others. 

The Technology Of DIY Infrared Saunas 

Many people want to know how to build a DIY infrared sauna, but they don't understand the technology behind it. Well, apart from the construction, the technology required is the full spectrum infrared technology, such as one used in handled cosmetic and LED healing devices. The technology of full-spectrum helps the body to absorb the infrared energy on three levels, which can stimulate the sebaceous glands to release harmful toxins. This helps to cleanse the body and optimize health. 

Infrared Sauna Wood Requirement

You need soft woods, as they don't crack easily and provide better insulation. You need an averagely dense wood that is resistant to decay. You want it to be between 20-25 lbs per foot. The walls should be insulated, and if you put a window, install an insulated tempered glass. 

Utilize DIY Infrared Sauna Tech To Optimize Your Health 

When it comes to DIY health technology, infrared saunas are a smart choice. Use this high-tech sauna to heal and get healthier, and you can do it yourself!

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