Marriage Counseling Near Me: How To Find The Help You Need

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Coming to the decision to seek marriage counseling can be difficult in its own right. So, once you’ve made the decision, it’s essential to find the perfect counselor for you and your partner. Nowadays, there are dozens of different types of therapy that might be right for you as a couple. To make your search more manageable, we have some tips for you before committing to a marriage counselor. 

1. Ask Yourself What You’re Looking For 

Before you end up in a counseling session, it’s important to research all the available options so you and your partner get the best possible support. Ask yourself “What are we really looking for?” The current market for counseling includes emotionally-focused therapy, family therapy, and The Gottman Method to name a few. A simple Google search can get you on the right track towards marital bliss

2. Search Reputable Websites 

Once you figure out what kind of therapy is best for you as a couple, it’s time to read through reputable directories to find the best counselor in your area. Websites such as Yelp and Psychology Today can help inform your decisions about who to consider. 

3. Vet Potential Counselors With Questions 

Therapists value their patient-therapist relationships, so they’ll be happy to answer any pressing questions while you’re looking for your perfect fit. Ask them about their credentials, their experience, AND if they think you and your partner are good candidates for marriage counseling. It’s totally acceptable to “shop around,” (therapists understand), so ask as many questions as you want. The more you research, the more likely you’ll be able to find a better fit for couples counseling. 

4. Consider Relish 

Looking into traditional marriage counseling options isn’t the most pleasurable experience. It can be difficult to find a match with a good counselor, on top of it already being quite expensive and time-sensitive. Luckily, there’s Relish - an award-winning relationship therapy app that helps couples achieve even their most ambitious goals with the help of 24/7 access to a REAL relationship coach, personalized lesson plans, science-backed articles, and easy-to-use navigation. And the best part? A year-long Relish subscription goes for less than the average price of a SINGLE marriage counseling session. It’s everything you need as a couple in the palm of your hand.

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