Get Affordable Partial Or Complete Dentures In Beaumont, CA

affordable partial or complete dentures

Teeth play a great role in displaying our beautiful smiles and boosting our self-esteem. Unfortunately, millions of people have one or more missing teeth due to various reasons. If you are one of them, dentures provide a durable, more natural, and comfortable fit than ever. At Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental, Daniel Park, DDS, is an experienced general and cosmetic dentist skilled in fitting you with the perfect set of partial or complete dentures. For Beaumont dentures, call or schedule an appointment online today. 

How Do Dentures Function? 

If you have missing teeth, dentures are a removable solution to enhance your smile. They are artificial teeth replacement options attached to a synthetic base that matches your gums. For concealment of your lost teeth, the base slips over your gums where your missing teeth used to be. The dentures are customized using a mold of your mouth, ensuring a comfortable fit. Dentures provide various benefits including boosting your self-confidence, replacing teeth in poor condition, restoring your facial structure, and keeping your remaining teeth from shifting. 

What Are The Types Of Dentures Available? 

There are two main types of dentures. Complete dentures are meant for replacing all the teeth in the lower or upper jaw, while partial dentures are used if you still have several natural teeth left. Cosmetic dentures are designed from highly durable materials such as resin or porcelain that function and feel like your natural teeth. Complete dentures include conventional or immediate dentures. 

Conventional Dentures 

Conventional complete dentures fit directly over the gums. The doctor installs conventional complete dentures once he has removed the teeth and the gums have completely healed. The healing takes about four to six weeks in which you have no teeth. 

Immediate Dentures 

Immediate dentures allow you to replace your teeth immediately. You may be the ideal candidate for immediate dentures if you have lost your teeth due to decay, dental disease, or injury and require full dentures. However, your dentures will need relining as your mouth heals from losing natural teeth and inserting immediate dentures for an accurate and comfortable fit over time. 

What Are Partial Dentures? 

This dental solution is different from full dentures that substitute all your natural teeth, partial dentures only substitute the missing teeth. They have a rigid metal frame that offers sturdy support when chewing, mainly for missing molars. 

How Is The Procedure Of Getting Dentures? 

When you go to the dentist for denture placement, your provider will guide you through the process of replacing your missing teeth with partial or complete options. Before your permanent dentures are customized, your mouth requires to be prepared which might include teeth extraction. Dr. Park takes dental impressions of your mouth and works with you to choose your dentures' size, color, and shape, guaranteeing a natural look and comfortable fit. Immediately when your dentures are ready you will try them for some time to see if they fit perfectly.  If you get any discomfort, they will be adjusted for your follow-up appointment. 

Final Thoughts On Discount Dentures

In conclusion, you don’t have to live with denture discomfort any longer. Beaumont Cherry Valley Dental offers you a soothing, full-time comfort for an exceptional experience for both children and adults. Call or book an appointment online today for the best dentures and other dental services.

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