How to Write a Good Resume Objective

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If you want to create an eye-catching resume, you will need to do a lot better than listing all the places you have worked in chronological order. Like any writing, resume writing should draw the reader in and leave them wanting more. 

One way to make your resume stand out is to include a good resume objective. This gives prospective employers a clear idea of what you want from your next position. And, more importantly, whether you are what they want according to your resume, cover letter, and CV. 

But how do you write a resume objective that speaks to employers? Keep reading to learn our best resume tips for your job application to get hired fast! 

What Is a Resume Objective? 

A resume objective is a concise, targeted statement at the top of your resume. Often, it includes your career goals, skills, and years of experience. It should also reference the company or role you are applying for. 

Although a resume objective is usually no more than one or two sentences long, it conveys a clear message that you are the perfect candidate for the job. 

Writing a Strong Resume Objective 

Using a free resume builder can show you how to write a resume that stands out from the crowd. But a strong resume objective ensures that prospective employers don't reject your application before they even read your resume. So, how can you write a resume objective that grabs their attention? 

Be Specific 

Make it clear that you are not applying for a job, you are applying for the job. Your resume objective should change with every new job application to ensure it is as specific as possible. You might only need to tweak a word or two, but it could make all the difference to the employer. 

Use Their Keywords 

Go through the job posting and pick out keywords, desired skills, and other specifics. Using their keywords emphasizes how your qualifications exceed the requirements. And, if they use an applicant tracking system, it means your resume is more likely to make it through to the next stage. 

Align Your Career Objectives 

Your career goals should align with the company you are looking to work for. So, while you might want to be a clothing store manager, don't mention this if you are applying for a job at a supermarket. Instead, state how you want to grow within the company. 

Focus on Adding Value 

It is a common mistake to focus too much on what you want from your career and not enough on how your experience and skills will add value to the company. Use dynamic verbs like 'apply', 'integrate', and 'maximize' to show how you want to put your years of experience and particular skill set into practice within the role you are applying for. 

Writing a Good Resume Objective 

You are applying for a job, or maybe even several jobs. But imagine how many resumes most employers receive for every job posting

A well-written resume objective tailored to the role and company makes it more likely that they will give your resume the attention it deserves. And, now you know the key ingredients for a good resume objective, you and your resume or CV are sure to stand out. 

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