7 Ways to Handle Business Proofreading and Editing Needs

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Did you know grammatical errors can cost your business a significant amount of money? If you need to learn more about how to check for grammar errors and avoid mistakes, we can help. 

In this guide, we’ll go over ways you can manage your proofreading and editing needs as a business. 

Want to learn more avoid avoiding errors and crisp copywriting? Keep reading for better business proofreading and editing tips. 

1. Use Proofreading Extensions 

You can use proofreading extensions for Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. This way, your writing will get evaluated while you’re working online. 

If you type something, you’ll get offered suggestions to correct or fix certain lines. 

Install these extensions on your browser. You’ll have writing tools that will check style, grammar, and spelling. 

If you use Google Docs, you will need something beyond the Chrome extension. Use a grammar tool that will integrate within the Google Docs app. 

Just make sure the extension tool you choose doesn't cause any glitches or slowdown with your writing and editing.

2. Grammarly Premium Or Business 

Grammarly is a great tool to use. It’s one of the top editing and proofreading tools businesses, and professional writers use. 

Grammarly offers a browser extension, a desktop app for Windows or Mac, and a full-service online app. You can also use an MS Office add-on for Windows. 

Grammarly provides one-click suggestions. You can accept some suggested changes right away. 

It’s an easy interface to use. A lot of people find this editing tool straightforward. 

Another helpful thing about Grammarly is you can filter the suggestions by category. 

The basic suggestions on Grammarly are free. The advanced grammar suggestions get included in the paid plan. 

3. MS Word Add-Ons 

If you write on MS Word, you can get the add-on. This tool will proofread your work and offer style and grammar suggestions as you type. 

This is an excellent choice if you prefer to do work on MS Office. 

4. Ask Colleagues 

When you’re too close to a document, proofreading on your own might not be the best route. You’ll want to ask for an objective opinion. 

Make sure you ask someone familiar with your area of work. This way, they could point out any inconsistencies or errors. 

You don’t want someone who isn’t familiar with your line of work to proofread the content. They might miss main content errors. 

5. Hire an Editor 

Working with an editor to finish the proofreading phase of your work is a good investment. A lot of companies will hire freelance editors to work through their final documents. 

If you’re releasing new pamphlets or creating a new website, hire a professional. This way, you can feel confident about the content you're releasing on your blog. 

Hire an editor who has experience editing work in your business niche. 

A copy editor will rewrite paragraphs, sections, or sentences. They'll work on critical sections that capture essential aspects of your business. 

If you’re releasing blog content or general information, an editor might rework your copy. They will try to avoid using confusing jargon or unusual terms. 

Editors will get rid of extra wording and make your writing more clear and concise. Others will help outline a piece or finish copy editing. 

6. Consider Working With a Proofreader 

Business proofreaders and business copy editors will offer different services for your company. 

The editor may rewrite the content or edit the work so your business's ideas and benefits are clear. 

A proofreader will look for spelling errors, grammar issues, and improper word usage. They will also make sure the punctuation is error-free. 

When you work with a proofreader, you can have some peace of mind. You'll know that your documents are in the best possible shape. 

A proofreader can help protect your brand from any damage caused by error-ridden documents. 

You'll be able to provide valuable content to your clients. You want to provide them with concise and consistent communications. 

Business owners end up saving money when they hire a proofreader or editor. They'll pick up mistakes early on so you can avoid expensive reprints. 

7. Learn More About Editing and Proofreading 

Your employees might end up taking editing courses. Encourage your team members to take editing courses who write a lot of documents for clients. Consider offering to help cover the costs of a course. 

You could also improve your proofreading and editing skills by taking a course. Try taking a few different courses. You will master the basics of grammar and improve your writing skills. 

Even after you learn more about editing and proofreading, consider working with a proofreader. Check out different proofreading tool for marketing and creative agencies. 

Why Is It Essential to Proofread or Edit Your Work? 

Businesses and various organizations need to provide well-edited materials and documents. Customers and employees will read these materials. 

Employees and business owners have different tasks to complete each day. A lot of businesses can’t pay for a professional proofreader to work as a staff member. 

Yet, they still need to offer communications that are well-edited to clients and staff. 

If you don’t provide quality documents, your business’s reputation could suffer. Some businesses end up losing money because of poorly edited work. Don't let colossal content corrections cost you!

Now You Have Some Editing and Proofreading Options 

We hope this guide on how to check for typos was helpful for your professional proofreading. Now that you have some editing and proofreading options install a browser extension. 

Catch your errors with a proofreader before sending off that critical email. Work with a professional editor to proofread your content. 

Was this guide on business proofreading and content corrections helpful? If so, consider checking out our other resources on writing, content creation, copywriting, and much more.

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