The Main Treatment Methods Of Plantar Warts

main treatment methods plantar warts freezing salicylic acid

Weak spots, cuts, tiny wounds, and breaks are conditions that are prevalent in your body. However, when these conditions are present on your foot, they can cause a disorder called plantar warts. Plantar warts are growths that appear on your legs, especially on heels, under the toes, and on other foot areas. According to research, plantar warts are caused by human papillomavirus (HPV), which enters your body through cuts and wound spots. Plantar warts can cause discomforts and pain once they develop severely. Book an appointment with warts in Scottsdale specialists because they are the best in treating plantar warts. 

Signs And Symptoms Of Plantar Warts 

There are several signs and symptoms that show the presents of warts on your foot. However, plantar warts mainly develop on the surface of your foot, but they can also develop internally. Signs and symptoms include: 

1. Pain when walking accompanied by tenderness 
2. Lesions interrupting normal lines on your foot skin 
3. Small clotted blood vessels, which are known as warts seeds 
4. Hard and thick skin, which can be whitish or brownish. This sign shows an internal wart 

When you encounter the above-mentioned signs and symptoms, it is vital to seek a wart diagnosis. After your diagnosis, your doctor will conduct the necessary treatments, including those of underlying factors. Every person's immunity system has its own way of responding to HPV. This shows that not every person who acquires human papillomavirus develops plantar warts. According to specialists, even individuals of the same family react to HPV differently. The below paragraph shows how plantar warts are treated. 

The Two Main Ways Of Treating Plantar Warts 

There are two main ways your doctor can treat warts on your foot. However, warts need several treatments before they are gone. After treatment, warts may return later, or they may not. Treatment ways include: 

· Freezing Therapy 

Freezing therapy is also called cryotherapy. During treatment, your doctor applies liquid nitrogen on the wart using a spray pump. This treatment can be done in your doctor’s office or at the main hospital. Since liquid nitrogen can cause tissue pain, local anesthesia can be done. During freezing, a blister forms on the warts, making the dead tissues slough off. Since the first cryotherapy may not treat warts completely, you may visit your doctor for a second therapy after a week. 

· Salicylic Acid 

Stronger peeling medicine is prescribed, and it works by removing wart layers on your skin. The medicine peels the dead skin in small quantities until the warts are gone. Salicylic also stimulates immunity, enabling your body to fight warts. Studies suggest that salicylic acid combined with cryotherapy can produce an effective treatment. After the first treatment, your doctor can suggest you apply the medicine regularly at home. 

Ward Off Warts

Warts are most prevalent in children and teenagers. However, people with weak immune systems are also likely to be affected by plantar warts. Since warts are contagious and can be spread by touch, consult Phoenician Foot & Ankle Specialists for early treatment.

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