Why You Should Consider Sedation Dentistry

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The thought of going to the dentist is terrifying not only to children but also to many adults. This has made many people avoid seeking dental care even when necessary due to fear and anxiety. But that can have serious consequences. If you are nervous about seeking the oral care you deserve, the good news is here. Irvine sedation dentistry specialists at Smile by Design Dental Group can help you get the care you need without panic through sleep dentistry. This includes techniques designed to relieve your anxiety and stress to provide a relaxing, comfortable treatment experience. This comes with incredible benefits, as outlined below. 

Your Anxiety Is Controlled 

You no longer have to avoid seeking dental care if you get nervous and stressed out. If the uneasiness makes you uncomfortable, increasing your risks of complications, you should try sleep dentistry. It ensures comfort even during the most daunting dental procedure, helping you manage your anxiety and avoid dental trauma, which can compromise the quality of your treatment. 

Pain Is Suppressed 

Although local anesthesia can minimize discomfort during minor dental procedures, the pain remains one of the main concerns during major dental procedures. But, sedation dentistry is designed to minimize discomfort during the procedures as anesthesia alone is not enough to assure comfort. Therefore, you no longer have to fear going to the dentist for tooth removal, root canals, or permanent dental implant installation. 

Triggers Are Managed 

Sometimes it may not be the only pain that keeps you away from seeking major dental procedures. Sometimes you may be affected by triggers that induce unpleasant emotions while you seek treatments. For example, you might be affected by the sound of the whirling drill, making you nervous and can cause panic. But, with sedation dentistry, the impact of such triggers can be minimized, leading to fewer mishaps during the treatment. 

Amnesia Is Induced 

Several people are negatively affected by the memories of a particular dental treatment procedure. This can be the beginning of fear and anxiety when seeking dental treatment when the need arises. That is why it is critical to ensure that such memories do not haunt you after your treatment. Sedation dentistry ensures that you will have no more mental trauma by inducing forgetfulness. Your provider uses a small dose of general anesthesia to ensure that you will not have any fresh memories during a particular procedure. 

You Can Get Multiple Procedures On One Visit 

If you are anxious about dental procedures or are affected by specific triggers while seeking dental treatments, you might require several sessions to complete your restoration or repair. This is because several procedures performed may distress you giving your provider a hard time even to complete one procedure. However, sedation dentistry assures your comfort and depending on the level of the sedation, you might be completely asleep, giving your dentist ample time to carry out multiple procedures. 

Gag Reflex Is Controlled 

You might be finding it challenging to seek dental check-ups and procedures only because your gag reflex is sensitive. You might feel an undeniable urge to sputter or choke when anything is placed in your mouth, and you might give your provider a hard time. This can make even simple procedures such as dental impressions unbearable. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can manage your gag reflex as the medications used will paralyze the gagging response. 

Sedation Is Smart

Sleep dentistry will help you overcome fear and anxiety when seeking dental care. Reach out to Smile by Design Dental Group today and learn more about the technique to help you.

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