How Employee Assistance Programs Help Addicts At The Workplace

employee assistance programs help addicts workplace alcoholism treatment eap

With the fast pace of life today, and the ever-growing competitiveness to outperform one’s peers, there has been a constant rise in stress levels amongst individuals, especially those at the mid-management level. Those who can’t manage the stress, resort to alcohol and drugs for temporary reprieve, without realizing how fast these become a regular habit. It is during these times that the support of a loved one, a caring colleague, or a supportive superior may step in to help. The Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) are quite helpful in this regard, especially when the problem could be easily sorted without the employee having to leave his workplace. 

By Definition, EAP is a special program designed to help people deal with problems that affect their work performance. It may include problems pertaining to substance abuse, alcoholism, drug addiction, stress, etc. The programs are sponsored by employers, being completely confidential and voluntary. The best Briarwood Detox Centers have an EAP program in place that helps employees change the lifestyle they inadvertently got into. 

Common Types Of Assistance Programs 

Any employee severely addicted to drugs may require an in-patient drug rehab at a qualified center in the initial stages. However, he can be allowed to resume work after the drugs are out of their system, and continue with the therapy sessions and coping mechanisms while working. It is where the EAP helps them a great deal. There are different types of assistance programs, designed to fulfill the needs of different clients. These include: 

1. Internal Employee Assistance Programs where professionals from alcohol detox Austin work with the employee at his/her workplace. 

2. External EAP’s where the program is conducted outside of the workplace, with employees and their families having access to a toll-free number. 

3. Blended EAP’s where the employees take the help of both in-house representatives and the professionals from reputed detox centers. 

4. Peer-Based Programs where the clients are made to engage with their co-workers more thereby helping them deal better with everyday situations. Although, due to confidentiality this method is rarely used. 

Benefits Of Employee Assistance Programs 

Alcoholism, drug abuse, and substance abuse are quite common in workplaces especially those with high work pressure and stress. These often cause a lack in productivity, both for the employee and the organization, apart from being more prone to accidents, and a high turnover. However, Employee Assistance Programs often help ward off these issues to some extent. 

Benefits Of EAPs For Employers 

• Lower instances of Theft 
• Better Productivity and coordination between employees 
• Significant ROI for the EAP services 
• Reduced Injuries and accidents at the workplace 

Benefits Of EAPs To Employees 

• Immediate assistance to deal with the issue, without any need for leaving their job 

• Complete Job security 

• Free of Cost, as the employer sponsors the program 

• Improved productivity at work and better relations with peers. 

• Enhancing overall health and wellness 

• Legal assistance after substance abuse or addiction treatment 

In Essence 

Getting addicted to alcohol, drugs, or any other substance is harmful in itself, but dealing with consequences often results in further trauma and stress for the addict. It is especially the case when they need to leave their job and possibly the only source of income to enlist for a full-fledged recovery program at a detox center. This is where EAPs are quite helpful for employees willing to work their way towards sobriety. These provide immediate and short-term counseling to help employees address their issues more openly to a professional, who then helps them deal with them in a more comprehensive manner. 

Any employee of the organization, be it a low-class worker or a managerial level employee, can utilize the benefits of an EAP without their confidentiality being compromised. As a general rule, employees cannot be fired for using their EAP benefits unless it compromises their work to a great deal or they breach any rules. That said, employers should only tie-up for EAP programs with reputed Houston Detox Centers so that they need not face any adversities in the future and are able to provide the best assistance that their employees can get. After all, a company that looks after its employees well gets higher productivity, more loyalty, and lower turnover in return.

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