Helping Kids Across New York Attain A Symmetrical And Healthy Smile Through Customized Braces

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If your kids scrape their teeth, have difficulty biting and chewing food, or have speech issues, they could be a suitable prospect for children's braces. Emanuel Mizrahi, DDS, Inna Gellerman, DDS, and the team at Bayside Orthodontics often recommend braces for kids and adolescents. Call the office to talk with a courteous staff member or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment for children’s braces in Bayside, NY, for your kid today. 

What Exactly Are Children's Braces? 

Children's braces are orthodontic devices that are used to address multiple problems such as crooked and crowded teeth and a misaligned jaw. 

The experts at Bayside Orthodontics suggest that all kids should undergo an orthodontic evaluation from the time they turn 7. During the assessment, the orthodontist examines the child for flaws that could be a cause of concern as the child grows into adolescence. 

Remember, a two-phase orthodontic therapy is beneficial for some children. Others do not require braces till they reach the age of adolescence. A small number of kids do not require braces at all. 

What Kinds Of Problems Do Children's Braces Help With? 

The staff at Bayside Orthodontics employs children's braces to address a variety of disorders, such as: 

·       Unequally set teeth 
·       Crossbite 
·       Overbite 
·       Underbite 
·       Difficulties biting and eating 
·       Speech issues 
·       Mouth breathing 

If your kids nibble their thumbs or use a pacifier daily, braces will, most likely, be beneficial. 

How Do Braces For Kids Function? 

Braces for kids work by applying gentle pressure to the jaws and teeth. The pressure gradually shifts the jaw and teeth into proper alignment, providing a healthy and strong smile. 

Braces help promote healthy jaw development, ensure appropriate spacing between teeth, and prevent wear-and-tear on the enamel. Needless to say, they help in rearranging crooked teeth. 

Will The Capacity Of Your Child To Engage In Sports Be Hampered By Braces? 

No, not at all. Kids with braces can participate in sports, go to the playground, and run around just like everybody else. Following the placement of braces, the staff can offer guidance to reduce accidents and preserve the braces in good shape. 

Hitherto, if your child is involved in sports activities, it's highly recommended that a mouthguard should be worn while practicing for sports such as wrestling, football, or rugby. Besides, a mouthguard also protects braces from cracking that, in turn, reduces the danger of injuries to cheeks, tongue, and gums. 

General Guidelines To Preserve Dental Hygiene After Wearing Braces 

Kids with braces have to follow certain precautions in order to ensure that there's no damage done! The most important precautions that shouldn't skip your mind are as follows. 

1. It's pivotal to avoid the consumption of foods that have a hard, chewy, or sticky texture. 

2. It's also advised that children with braces shouldn't munch on snacks such as sunflower seeds and pretzels. 

Such food items can get entangled in the wires and brackets of the braces. Bear in mind, unclean braces with food leftovers can get infected with bacteria that can lead to gum diseases and tooth decay. So, be very alert that your child follows proper dental hygiene

How Much Do Braces For Kids Cost? 

The prices of braces for children vary based on specific requirements. After an oral examination and a set of dental X-rays, the staff can create a personalized orthodontic treatment plan. The price will vary depending upon the concerns being addressed, the duration of therapy, and the kind of braces being designed. The staff can provide a quote after an in-person meeting only. 

For more information, do schedule an appointment for your kid at Bayside Orthodontics. Get a consultation as soon as possible so that dental problems, if any, can be detected quickly and the treatment of the child can be started before the problem aggravates.

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