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Life is challenging, and sometimes it's tough trying to stay positive, especially after this past year. If you have depression or anxiety, happiness can seem even more elusive. But there are productive actions and positive thought processes you can take to feel happier more consistently. Here are ten top helpful hacks for feeling happier on a daily basis and long-term. 

10 Top Tips To Feel Happier In 30 Seconds Or Sooner

1.Try Taking One Deep Breath 

One deep breath can reduce your “fight-or-flight” instinct and activates your “rest-and- restore” mode. So, if you want to become happy, consider taking one deep breath to feel more content. 

2. Identify Something That You Are Grateful for Each Day 

What are some of the things you are grateful for each day? For instance, if you had a good breakfast, you have a job or you enjoyed the newspaper in the morning, be grateful for such things. It is good to linger on a positive experience as doing so embeds the experience in your brain. 

3. Appreciate Something That Did Not Happen During Your Day 

If you did not have car trouble, no one in your family is sick or you did not fight with anyone, appreciate the fact that any of these bad experiences did not happen. Always remember to keep things in perspective. 

4. Smile 

Many people think that happiness comes from the inside out or from a person’s mind to their behavior. However, happiness can also come from the outside in or from your actions to your mind. For instance, smiling activates happiness-inducing chemicals. 

5. Label Your Negative Feelings 

Labeling your negative emotions like anger, sadness and helplessness can make you hurt less and help you feel more in control. This is because of the fact that attaching a label will shift activity from the emotional part of your brain to the thinking part of your brain. 

6. Sit Up Straight 

Did you know that poor posture can lead to negative emotional states? Studies have shown that people who slouch are likely to experience more bad moods, poorer confidence, and lower self-esteem than those who sit up straight. Maintaining a good posture usually causes positive emotional states- feeling confident, being assertive, and feeling happy. An upright posture can also help your physical well-being and prevent many types of neck, back, and shoulder problems. Therefore, if you want to feel happy, sit up straight. 

7. Identify The Small Pleasures In Life And Appreciate Them 

In his groundbreaking book, Hardwiring Happiness, Author and Psychology Today blogger Rick Hanson talks about the health and happiness benefits of “taking in the good”. He urges us to appreciate the little things in life noting that most of the opportunities for a good experience often come with little fanfare. 

You finished an email, the telephone works, you have a friend. For the best results bring pleasant thoughts, objects, and people to the foreground of your awareness. Linger for 5 seconds or more on a good experience and let it sink into you. This will make you feel happier. 

8. Appreciate Yourself 

Consider appreciating yourself to feel happier. Is there something you have accomplished today? Is there a good quality you have demonstrated like starting a project, a phone call, or an honest talk with a colleague that ended well? If so, appreciate yourself. Focusing on your strengths will make you feel happy. 

9. See The Positive In A Negative Situation 

Whenever you experience a setback, look for a way to turn it into a lemonade. Instead of seeing the setback as a failure, think of it as a challenge. Doing this takes 5 seconds or less. Use the remaining 25 seconds to think about how to move forward for a happier outlook. 

10. Consider Using A Desktop Photo To Remind You Of Your Purposes And Pleasures Of Your Life 

A photo of your family, a favorite saying, or your travels can be restorative and make you feel happy. So, taking a small break and seeing a photo of a natural scene can make you feel happy while lowering stress and blood pressure. If you want to avoid getting used to a certain photo, change it up from time to time. 

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