4 Types Of Spine Surgeries And Common Spine Problems

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The spine is the body part that controls all body movements. A person with an injured or deformed spine will not be able to walk or stand by themselves. This is because it is responsible for support for the whole body. The spine may be injured due to accidents, bad sitting habits, or carrying heavy objects. When injured, you will be unable to carry out your daily activities. One of the methods used in treating spine problems is the spine surgery procedure. Dayton spine surgery clinic is here for you if you experience any symptoms related to spine problems. 

Four Types Of Spine Surgeries 

There are several types of spine surgeries offered in the modern world, all of whose aim is to reduce pain in the spine region without developing any complications. These are the most and widely used types of spine surgery: 

1. Anterior Cervical Discectomy 

This is usually a standard procedure used in rectifying disc-related problems in the neck region. It is a suitable procedure for the herniated disc condition whose effects are more severe on the spine. The doctor usually removes the herniated disc, which is the leading cause of the pain. It is removed from the front of the body. 

2. Cervical Fusion 

This is a bone grafting procedure where a bone is fused to the vertebrae. Doctors commonly use screws, rods, and plates to connect the bone graft with the vertebrae together. In return, the whole body is ensured of total stability. The fusion of the bone and vertebrae is done once the herniated disc has been removed. 

3. Cervical Disc Replacement 

This procedure is usually used when replacing a damaged disc. An artificial disc is made and placed in the region where the damaged disc has been removed. The main aim of this surgery is to restore cushioning. Since the damaged disc cannot act as an absorber or cushion, the artificial one plays that role. 

4. Cervical Laminectomy 

During this spinal surgery procedure, the doctors usually remove the roof of the lamina to create enough room for the spinal canal. Individuals suffering from spinal stenosis are good candidates for this procedure. It helps solve all underlying bone and disc problems whose effects are felt in the spine. 

The 3 Types Of Spine Problems 

The following are the common types of spine problems: 

1. Spinal Stenosis 

This is the narrowing of the spaces in between the spine. The narrowing exerts more pressure on the nerves moving towards the spine, causing neck and back pain. 

2. Herniated Disc 

This condition is where one of the discs is pushed out of the vertebrae into the spinal canal. The herniated disc makes the spine send pain signals to the brain; thus, an individual experiences chronic back pain. 

3. Degenerative Disc Disease 

This is a disease that results when the discs in the vertebrae are damaged or broken down. The condition leads to chronic pain. People who encounter this disease are older persons. 

Other spine-related conditions include pinched nerve and spondylosis. 

Let’s Take Care Of The Spine And Get Back To Your Life

If you experience signs such as numbness, tingling, and body weakness, please visit Dr. Woods, located in Dayton, OH, and Springfield, OH. These are the signs of spine problems. You will receive treatment from a team of qualified neurosurgeons.

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