Why Is It In Your Best Interest To Hire A Lawyer To Defend You In A Single Car Accident?

why hire car accident lawyer

Auto accidents happen everywhere, and we get to hear about them almost everyday. We generally think that involves 2 or more parties. You will be surprised to know that there are many accidents taking place, where the 2nd party will not be directly involved in the crash. 

For example, you could lose control over your car, and result in a single car accident. During such situations, you would naturally presume the entire fault to be yours, and you will have to compensate for the losses from your pocket. 

That is not necessarily true because there are many situations where you can actually claim for losses in single car accident cases. In most of the single vehicle accident cases, the blame will be squarely placed on the driver, even for no fault of theirs. 

You Are Not At Fault 

That is why you will need to hire the services of a trusted car accident lawyer to take up your case. If you are in need of a reliable single car accident lawyer in Las Vegas, then you must find a lawyer you can trust. They have a very good track record of helping their clients in getting the rightful compensations. 

There Could Be An Indirect 2nd Party 

These are the types of accidents, where damage is caused to only one vehicle. If there is a second party involved in leading to the crash, it is still considered as a single vehicle accident. The driver is liable for the losses if the accident took place because of his/her fault, like rash driving or driving under intoxication. 

You Can Contest Your Ticket 

If the driver is at fault, then they could be handed with the ticket for a traffic violation by law enforcement. On the other hand, if you feel that the accident was unavoidable, no matter how careful you were, then you could contest the ticket in the court. It will give you an opportunity to place your side of the story in front of the judge. 

Check Your Insurance 

You will need to firstly check if your insurance covers the injury. If you don't have the coverage, then it might seem like you have to pay for all the losses from your own pocket. It is better to get in touch with a qualified car accident attorney to prepare your claim. Even if the fault was yours, your lawyer will be able to determine all the available options that can help you in minimizing the fines or court sentence. 

Criminal Charges 

In some of the single vehicle accidents, you could be facing criminal charges. These types of cases are common with reckless driving and drunk driving. Again it is better to quickly get in touch with our in attorney to help you in protecting your rights. They will have the knowledge and expertise to assist you in defending your freedom. 

There might be other cases where you end up crashing your car, even after driving carefully. You need not assume that the entire fault is yours. Your lawyer should be able to guide you in recovering the losses from the responsible parties that led to your accident.

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