7 Effective Tips To Keep Your Eyes Healthy

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With so many new gadgets being released day by day, it is getting harder and harder to avoid screen time. Whether you're working on the latest project, reading emails, or catching up on the morning news, all these pursuits can be linked with eye strain. Elizabeth Macdonald OD, is one of the best Optometrist & Ophthalmologists that you should consult for optimized eye health and improved vision. 

This is why we've compiled some practical tips that will not only keep your eyes healthy but also improve your vision! 

1. Put Away Your Devices 

To protect your eyes from all this exposure of devices. Switching off your gadgets and taking a break from all the digital workload will help your eyes relax and reduce strain on them. Take required breaks by putting them away for a while to minimize blue light exposure. 

2. Quit Smoking 

Smoking of any kind can significantly affect your eyesight by causing dryness, blindness, and even premature aging. Smoking destroys your lungs, and it also damages the eyes! Quit smoking today to protect your eyes! Switch to patches, gums, lozenges, tinctures, or edibles today instead of smoking or vaping.

3. Adjust Your Lighting 

When working on a computer screen or reading from your phone, you should have the best lighting possible. Failing to do so can reduce the contrast of your screen or book, which can cause eye strain. Try to use dim white lighting to create even lighting across the whole screen, which is easier on the eyes. 

4. Get A Pair Of Good Quality Computer Glasses 

Computer glasses are an investment, but they will save you from future eye issues. Computer glasses are specially designed to reduce glare from the computer screen while also cutting out harmful blue light. This will keep your eyes safe and healthy while working on your computer or other electronic devices like smartphones and tablets! 

5. Wear Sunglasses When Outdoors 

Human eyes need protection from the sun, just like any other part of your skin! Bright sunlight can cause many problems for your eyes, such as damaging your retina and causing sunburn to the sensitive cornea. 

6. Regular Checkup For Your Eyes 

It's essential to ensure that your eyes are healthy and have no damage or strain associated with them. A regular checkup every six months will ensure you do not have an issue and prevent any problems from arising in the future. 

7. Eat Well 

Your diet is essential for your eyesight, and what you should eat can affect your vision in many ways. Drink lots of water, avoid junk food and limited salt intake, and ensure you get enough sleep to keep your body healthy. Healthy fats, protein, and micronutrients can also improve eye health as well.

Exceptional Eye Health Conclusion

If you want to keep your eyes healthy, there are some things you should be doing to retain their natural brightness. The eyes are the windows into your soul, you want to ensure that they look and feel their best as you age. Keep these tips in mind for excellent eyes!

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