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Capital Commercial Properties (CCP) is a name known in the real estate industry. However, this legacy would not have been made possible without a man who chose to bring the vision he had to life. 

We are talking about Norman Ebenstein, the founder of CCP. While he is well known for his work on the Eden Center which is on the outskirts of the nation’s capital, Washington DC, few know more about this man. 

Apart from the Eden Center, other properties which he developed have turned into cultural hubs over the years. These properties now celebrate the local roots, cuisine, and art of the community in which they were established. 

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the life of this great man. We will look at his birth, education, family, passions, career, and legacy. We intend to provide you with information about this man who has become a role model to so many. 


Norman Ebenstein was born on the 23 rd of October 1928. His parents were Samuel Ebenstein and Jeannette Ebenstein. Although the couple originally lived in the city that never sleeps (New York) when Norman was born, they later moved after the birth of their son to Worcester city in Massachusetts. 


The Ebenstein’s were Jewish, and they emphasized family and education. As a result of the family’s emphasis on education, the young Ebenstein studied at the esteemed Phillips Exeter Academy located in New Hampshire. 

After that, he went to Brown University in Rhode Island where he studied economics which he graduated from in 1950. While he studied at Brown University, Norman was on the school’s baseball team. This was where he met Shirley Gorlick; more on her later. 

Following his undergraduate degree, he then studied law at the Boston University Law School and bagged a JD. Visit to learn more about the acclaimed Boston University Law School. He fell so much in love with law that he ended up as a practicing attorney for a couple of years. This was before he moved into the property development industry. 


Despite how busy he was with his career, Ebenstein still had time for his family. The budding developer got married to his university sweetheart Shirley Gorlick. Their marriage of 65 years produced two kids named Douglas and Jamie. The family also had several Labrador Retrievers which they raised. 

Before he passed away, he had two granddaughters named Lori and Lisa. 


Apart from enjoying the company of his family, Norman loved traveling around the world. 

He was also a passionate tennis player. He was so good that he was ranked among the top 20 New England’s tennis players for 45 years and over. 

His work as a philanthropist has served as an inspiration to many. During his lifetime, he supported and donated to several not-for-profit organizations. Apart from that, he established the Ebenstein foundation which is still engaging in all kinds of philanthropic works even though the man himself is now deceased. 

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After he left his practice as a lawyer, Norman entered the property development industry and established Capital Commercial Properties in 1961. He was the company’s CEO and president for more than 50 years. His longevity in service was a result of his passion for bringing about community property development that most people would have overlooked. 

During his time as the company’s president, Norman embarked on countless development projects along the country’s East Coast. Some of the projects that Capital completed include shopping centers, malls, commercial properties, and residential properties. 

Among all these, the Eden Center is Ebenstein’s greatest achievement. Those who were close to him also revealed that Norman equally considered the project to be his best professional work and was proud of it. 

The Eden Center is found in Falls Church city, Virginia which is 20 minutes away from the Columbia District. This center is remarkable thanks to its commercial status, and it is made up of the following: 12 restaurants, supermarkets, shops, jewelry stores, offices, etc. Click here to read further on the Eden Center. 

A highlight of this magnificent center is the Eden Center Clock Tower. This structure is designed to be a true replica of the one found downtown in Saigon. 

One of the reasons why many consider the shopping district to be amazing is that a large percentage of the district’s businesses belong to local families. Hence, the Asian Americans who primarily occupy that community are catered for by this exquisite project. 

Let us let you in on a little secret; if you are looking for the best and most enjoyable Vietnamese delicacies and meals, then the Eden Center is a great place to get such. 

Capital Commercial Properties still manages the following notable properties: 

• Hillandale Shopping Center in Silver Springs, Maryland 
• Stoney Mill Square in Silver Springs, Maryland 
• Timonium Square in Timonium, Maryland 
• Javier Road in Fairfax, Virginia 
• Sullivan Place Retail in Alexandria, Virginia 
• Belair Plaza Shopping Center in Johnstown, Pennsylvania 

CCP focuses its project development within the nation’s capital Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland as evidenced in the properties mentioned above. 


Although Norman Ebenstein died in 2016 aged 88, his legacy continues today through Douglas Ebenstein his son who runs Capital Commercial Properties. His granddaughters Lori and Lisa also play different roles within the company. This is true to the heritage he learned from his parents where family is highly emphasized. 

Douglas who took over the company also studied Economics and bagged a B.A from Brown University just like his father. He was on the school’s tennis system for his entire stay at the university. His love for tennis is something he learned from his father. Furthermore, he supports several tennis-related charities. 

His philanthropic works are also notable as he sponsors the tennis team of Brown University for their annual trip in the winter to Boca Raton in Florida. He is also an active supporter of the Morgan Pressel Foundation. This foundation raises funds for cancer awareness. 


In this article, we have looked at the life of the iconic Norman Ebenstein and his contributions to the property development industry. His legacy will live on and his businesses will continue to thrive . 

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