Effects Of Compression Stockings During Fitness

effects of compression stockings during fitness athletic socks benefits

Can compression clothing help you and how does it work? In addition to all the technical gadgets, compression garments have been the most important innovation for athletes for a few years now. But the evidence for this is meager. 

During exercise, the tight fabrics of compression garments prevent your muscles from swaying too much around your legs and joints. But don't they actually limit muscle function? No, it is important to support it with pressure in the right place. 

From science, however, we are mainly presented with favorable effects regarding the recovery afterwards. In addition, you only put on the compression clothing after your effort, in order to recover faster. 

Research On Compression 

In a study in New Zealand, using compression and placebo stockings for the entire leg (a 24-hour period), recovery was found to be so good that a 40-kilometer time trial was completed 1.2 percent faster. Not bad. 

In another study using compression socks or compression stockings (and a placebo), a strength test was performed on the upper arm and thigh. It was also found that parameters that can say something about your recovery, showed better values. However, the leg muscles did not recover as quickly as the arm muscles. 

General Effects From Compression Stockings 

He does, however, point to the general effects in the elderly, for example, where proteins leak out of the bloodstream and the fluid accumulation is exacerbated. Compression (by means of compression stockings) improves blood circulation and reduces the complaints. Last year a large overview article was published about this. 

Herzog sees the same effect in runners: 'The accumulation of fluid as a result of the strong acidification after you go (too) deep also disrupts the microcirculation. The walls of the capillary become permeable to (larger) protein molecules. Those larger proteins leak out and disrupt the balance, absorption and filtration. The result is even more moisture in the intercellular space, a greater disruption of the processes, less oxygen and sugars to the muscles and a reduced discharge of carbon dioxide and other waste slag from the combustion process, Stox Energy said. 

Performance Support 

A previous study on the effect of compression stockings while running to exhaustion on a treadmill did not find beneficial results for your performance. Experience in other sports shows that compression clothing can limit the nagging muscle soreness of a day after your training and accelerate your physical progress. It is essential to start the compression (of individually fitted stockings) as soon as possible after your effort. to start. Put the socks on immediately after showering and keep them on for at least an hour for best results. 

Compression Socks And Stockings For Runners

These athletic garments can help runners as well depending on their goals. Significant weight gain is often measured when runners train significantly less per week. Do you want to stay in better running shape? Recovery is important, but pick up your schedule after a few days unless you are dealing with injury or burnout. We understand that it is sometimes difficult to find motivation, so check out more of our Frugal Fitness articles on this site.

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