6 Most Common Types Of Foot Pain That Need Podiatric Evaluation In Mission Viejo

most common foot pain problems fix feet

Foot pain is common because it is our feet that have to bear all the pain of our daily activities. However, if your feet are paining constantly for a few days even if you have not increased your activity level, it could signify a problem that must be evaluated by a podiatrist. 

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What Causes Foot Pain In The Majority Of People? 

6 Most Common Types Of Foot Pain Problems

1. Athlete’s Foot 

● When you walk barefoot in damp areas, the region between your toes can develop a fungal infection called athlete’s foot. 

● If left untreated, the infection can spread fast to other regions like the hands and groin. 

● The symptoms can include extreme itching, blistering of the skin, and pain. 

2. Achilles’ Tendonitis 

● This is the tendon that connects the heel of our foot to the calf and is the largest and most commonly injured tendon in our body. 

● Overuse such as while performing intense sports activity can cause inflammation in this tendon which is a painful condition. 

3. Heel Spurs 

● Obese people and those that are involved in sustained activities on the foot often put extra pressure on the foot causing the tissues to stretch. 

● To compensate for the stretch, the body builds up extra bone under the heel causing extreme pain. 

4. Bunions 

● A bump that develops on the joint of the big toe and makes the toe turn inwards is called a bunion. 

● The use of narrow footwear like heels in women puts them at higher risk of developing a bunion, which often needs surgical correction. 

5. Plantar Fasciitis 

● A fibrous tissue band connects the toes of our foot with the heel at the bottom of the foot. 

● When this tissue gets inflamed, it causes a painful heel condition called plantar fasciitis. 

● Having a flat foot increases the risk of developing this condition and the risk is also higher in obese people. 

6. Sprained Or Broken Ankle

● Another more evident cause of foot pain is an injury resulting in sprains of the ankle or fracture. 

● A mild or moderate ankle sprain can often heal on its own within a matter of weeks or months if you rest, ice and stretch it. A broken ankle will need a cast or boot and will take months of healing.

Fix Your Feet Fast

Your doctor in Mission Viejo, CA can examine your foot for physical discomfort and any signs of diseases or infections. They may also order some diagnostics like an X-ray to correctly monitor the cause of foot pain and provide accurate treatment for the same.

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