5 Things You Didn't Know About Intimate Wellness

things you didn't know about intimacy wellness

Intimacy is a wonderfully beautiful spectrum that encompasses a whole array of people with unique identities and preferences. A bouquet of society, if you will. Tying all of these different people is a common thread, though. That is the vitality of sexual wellness. In the celebration of the wide spectrum that sexuality represents, there is an accompanying emphasis that must be put on the importance of sexual wellness. 

As such, there are 5 important things to know when it comes to sexual wellness, as well as some information that’s simply good to have in your back pocket if you ever need it. 

1. Orgasms Are Good For You 

Okay, this is actually an extremely important note to make. Read that again. Orgasms are good for you. That’s right. Science has long been proven that orgasms are accompanied by a rush of hormones and other chemicals in the body that don’t only make you feel good, but have other physical impacts as well. 

For instance, a lot of these hormones reduce stress levels in the body which have a wide variety of impacts. These de-stressing hormones make digestion easier, relieve pain throughout the body, and improve mood as well. Beyond that though, orgasms and the accompanying rush of hormones can actually improve skin and hair health as well! 

Add that on top of the mood-boosting effects, and there’s no arguing the fact that orgasms are good for you in nearly every way. 

2. Better Sex Means Better Rest 

Better sex, or better orgasms, means better rest. This seems like an obvious one, but for any doubters out there, the science backs this one up as well. That same waterfall of hormones that deescalate stress levels in the body and help with skin health, also help the body relax. 

In other words, a good orgasm can be the solution to a lack of a good night's sleep. The more you have and the higher quality they are, the stronger this effect will be. This can be a game-changer for anyone who suffers from mild insomnia or just needs a little extra help falling asleep at night. Rub one out and say sweet dreams. 

3. Benefits Of Period Sex 

When it comes to orgasms and sexual wellness in general, the benefits don’t stop just because your period started. In fact, period sex can be some of the best and most emotional sex that a couple can engage in. If you’re solo, an orgasm during your period still has a wide variety of helpful impacts. 

First and foremost, if you’re suffering from cramps, the massive influx of blood flow to the pelvic area that happens during and after an orgasm can actually reduce the pain and severity of cramps. On top of that, the endorphins and other hormones that are released during an orgasm have intense pain-killing effects that make them a wonderful solution to period pain. 

4. Exploration Encouraged 

While this isn’t necessarily something that people don’t know already, it is something that is useful for some people to hear. One of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to sexuality and sexual wellness is that exploration is encouraged. It’s okay to be curious, interested, and excited by different and new things. If something looks or sounds interesting, there should be no reason for you not to try it! 

As long as you do your research and are able to find a safe and comfortable environment for whatever you want to try, there’s no reason not to! In that same vein, it’s important to be prepared for the situation when it arises, and having an all natural lubricant at the ready could be a total game changer. 

5. Everyone Is Different 

Finally, it’s crucial to keep in mind that when it comes to sex, sexuality, and sexual wellness, that everyone is different. While we may all be human, no two people are exactly the same in what they like, prefer, or enjoy specifically in the bedroom. This is something that should be respected by everyone that has the privilege of learning about your sexual being. No matter who you are, or who they are. 

That being said, knowing and following important hygiene routines and taking other safety precautions is a responsibility of anyone with an active sex life. 

A Few Final Thoughts 

Sex and sexuality are no simple concepts. The subjects have been studied for centuries and longer, and the individuality within them is brilliant and broad. Sexuality should be celebrated and enjoyed, exploration encouraged, and sexual performance knowledge should be accessible. 

Knowledge is power and is extremely important when it comes to learning about and understanding the complexity of not only sex, but sexuality itself. Taking this a step further, having access to information is essential to properly tending to yourself and your individual needs.

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