How To Build A Better Workplace In The New Economy

how to build better workplace in new economy modern office culture

The workplace has changed a lot over the few several years. Remote and hybrid working have taken center stage, company culture has changed permanently, and workplace wellness is a real thing now. If you have been out of the job market for a little while, returning now would be quite a shock. 

Hybrid and WFH work aren't perfect for everyone involved of course. One of the drawbacks of having a hybrid or remote work environment is that you lose some of the company culture that is present when we are face to face with our coworkers and employers. Some of these things include company traditions, parties, events and meetings that generally tend to be easier to organize and host when in-person. If a business has been forced to or chose to go hybrid, it is important to establish how you will build a unified culture at your office that supports inclusivity, honesty and transparency. 

This all starts with understanding that the first thing to make sure of is that communication is frequent and clear throughout the week. “A hybrid workforce has many advantages. Talent pools are greater and companies have a wider reach, but without solid communication in your team you will have a more difficult time feeling unified in your decisions,” says Jared Hines, Head of Operations at Acre Gold. “Weekly video calls with your team for updates, procedure changes or any company changes are essential in a hybrid format.” This is important even when meetings feel small. It’s easy for employees to feel like they are on an island without threads of regular communication. “If you have a lot of team members working alone on tasks, you run a higher risk of employees feeling isolated and unsupported. In a hybrid model, it can be smart to set up partners and collaborations between departments. If your team is working together towards a common goal, they will feel more respected and confident about the work they are doing,” said Matt Woods, Co-Founder and CEO of 

Work-Life Balance is key to long-term success and the avoidance of quiet quitting or burnout. Employees have been pleading with industries for years to take the balance between work and life seriously. Now, it seems that businesses are starting to listen. Evan Zhao, Co-Founder and CEO of Revela had this to say on the topic, “The hybrid model has shown us that all employees need better work-life balance. This means that your team members should feel like their personal lives are both respected and considered with work expectations. When employees feel stressed about the time they spend at work, it can easily lead to burnout which is a huge contributor to employee turnout.” Hybrid work models have amplified the need for businesses to respect and understand their team members' lives outside of work. But it’s also important to get along and get to know each other while at work. “Creating a culture at work is about allowing personalities to mesh and people to express themselves to each other,” offers Brand Director of Healist Naturals Sarah Pirrie. 

“Successful hybrid workplaces will include weekly activities that employees can do together that help build connections, but aren't necessarily about work tasks. Have new employees schedule meet and greets with established team members. This will help any employee feel like they are part of a team and valued as an individual.” This type of work model allows employees to live and work with a greater sense of self. The ability to live closer to family, friends and in parts of the country more suited to their finances. This has been a wonderful option for many companies to continue working with their most reliable employees regardless of location. Judy Nural, President and Founder of MicrodermaMitt says, “Hybrid work formats can allow workers to live in areas closer to their families and where expenses are less. 

This may not be ideal for every employee, but it is a wonderful opportunity to embrace the different cultures and locations that are present in your company. This will also create a sense of loyalty in your team that they bring more to the table than their proximity to the office.” Work life balance is important, but it’s not always interpreted the right way. “Work life balance is about not only prioritizing both parts of your life, but taking care of each part as well,” says Kevin Gibbs of Quip. “That means taking care of yourself both on and off the job. When you’re at work, you meet the expectations of your company and supervisors, but know your rights when it comes to how long you’re on the job for or what is outside of those expectations.” 

Reform Company Traditions now. Your weekly meetings and company events are an important part of the culture in your company. This is how you communicate with and show appreciation to your employees. When working in a hybrid format, you’ll need to make sure these things happen over mediums that all members of your team can participate in. “Whatever you have going on for your company, whether it is a meeting, event or workplace activity, make sure your hybrid team members are part of it too. It is important to reform the way your company deals with traditions and incentives so that everyone feels like they can participate in company culture,” said Jeremy Gardner, CEO of MadeMan. 

These virtual meetings and events are where your team can hear about company milestones and achievements. If this was done in a particular way when you were all in person, you’ll need to reformat how these meetings and traditions take place. Scott Stonneborn, Co-Founder of Tydo had these thoughts to share, “Think about how you can form new traditions as a company to more effectively include your remote team members. If you had specific ways of showing praise or announcing milestones, you may need to adjust how you celebrate those events based on who is in the office and who isn't.” 

Adding to your company culture should be a diverse workplace with a multitude of backgrounds and experiences. Part of a hybrid workplace is being as inclusive as you are diverse. Lindsay McCormick, CEO of Bite Toothpaste said this, “A hybrid workplace means that there is more opportunity for diversity and inclusivity. Your potential hiring pool is larger, meaning that you can hire people from a number of communities and backgrounds. Make sure that all of your employees have equal access to events, opportunities and information to help them do their job better.” Parties and gatherings are the toughest tradition to replace through a hybrid model. However, this is a way that you can reformat your traditions and form new ones. CEO of Allbirds Joey Zwillinger had this to say on the topic, “Hosting virtual parties for your employees is a fantastic way to build up your team and culture. Especially when you’ve achieved a recent milestone or you’re reaching the end of your fiscal quarter. Reward your employees with a work free event where you can get to know one another a little better.” 

Empower Your Employees effortlessly. With any new kind of system, it’s important to make sure your team members can and feel comfortable sharing. This is part of building a culture at your place of work. “The more you encourage employees to communicate and share, the more you are supporting the diversity of your workplace and allowing team members to see and celebrate the differences between one another,” says Jason Wong, CEO of Building Blocks. “Show an example by being as supportive as possible of all employees and their lives outside of work.” This rings true for all industries and businesses. Companies need to prioritize their employees well being and comfortability where they work. Matthew Mundt, Founder and CEO of Hug Sleep offered these thoughts, “Companies who do not prioritize how their employees feel while they are at work are likely going to fall behind in today's economy. This can be difficult to do in a hybrid environment when many aspects of culture that used to happen naturally need to be critically and intentionally executed by company leaders.” 

And it is true that business leaders have a responsibility to set an example for their employees. Showing how you want your employees to behave and what kind of attitude they have goes a long way than just simply explaining, they need to be able to observe that you meet the expectations you have for them. “Business owners with hybrid models should aim to be more like facilitators than how we typically think of bosses,” says Kashish Gupta, Founder and CEO of Hightouch. “Delegation will still be necessary, but leaders should try to inspire their employees rather than dictate their every move. The reality is that your team knows how to manage their time, it is up to you to set goals and expectations so they can show up and do their job effectively.” 

Building a culture in a hybrid work environment is about caring for and listening to your employees. Forming new traditions and doing things to make your team feel more comfortable, relaxed and cared for at work will go a long way to retain you best team members and help you create an amazing atmosphere in your hybrid workplace.

Ergonomic office furniture is such an outstanding anxiety buster at the work environment. Here are some realities and some observations about this office equipment. Ergonomic furniture has unmatched healing qualities to make workers drop their fears. It is the ideal tool to obtain the naturally suggested physical comforts in the office; such as a healthy back and also a good pose. When worker grievances become wails, it is time for a company to stay up as well as get alarmed. Well, most of us perceive the office as a place filled with sacredness, however it can change into a detention chamber if every worker is irritable past alleviation. If that seems highly ironical, just wait until your workplace develops into a dismal dungeon. It will surely happen if you remain detached from the sulking and pouting staff members. Once the Office Syndrome obtains momentum, it saves no person. Not even you. It can be prevented if you go and change the mundane office furniture with ergonomic furniture by Oplan. What makes employees difficult to manage and temperamentally inconsolable? A distressing work setting is the major factor behind employee anxiety and also the Office Syndrome. 

Lots of times, individuals are brutally forced to work in confined rooms as well as have to share their functioning desks with peers. Several employees establish a hunch which becomes an essential part of their general persona. Rigid necks, hurting wrists, pain in the back as well as back are typical with such working specialists. But the fact of the matter is that many employers, if not all, continue to be callous towards ailing employees. This attitude needs to be changed. Stress can kill the prosperity of individuals as well as the company. Exactly how can ergonomic furniture alleviate stress? Ergonomic furniture by UX Office is made to impart physical as well as mental comforts to functioning experts. When workers obtain a comforting dosage of naturally suggested physical placement, they have the ability to spring back into activity. Ergonomic furniture improves position as well as back A cool head is fostered by a strong spine and a solid back. 

Moreover, a steady spine takes pleasure in the company of a healthy and fit back. When these 2 are in best position, the wrists, arms, as well as neck gain wholesomely. Ergonomic furniture looks after all these parts of the body with the adjustment features. Ergonomic desk chairs, standing desks, stools, as well as desk converters promote the best positioned stance. Their lumbar (lower-back) support function enhances the lower-back muscles to the very core. The worthy effect of a healthy back and also a great stance is boosted confidence. Anxiety, stress, panic, and the associated off-shoots are sent right into concealing drastically. Ergonomic furniture pleases by charm Ergonomic desk chairs, adjustable standing desks and stools, smart desk converters, meeting pods, work pods, and telephone booths are very visually delightful. 

And, if you really want to see just how lovely ergonomic furniture looks, simply Google some photos. You will be amazed at the colours, motifs, colors, and forms that ergonomic furniture uses these days. Ergonomic office furniture ensures that you feel safe and secure It has been observed that workers functioning in an ergonomic atmosphere are very devoted in the direction of their employers. It is the entire happiness of using ergonomic desk chairs, sit stand desks, stools, desk converters, conference cases, work pods, as well as telephone cubicles that makes staff members vividly happy. Ergonomic furniture opens the options of savings as well as ROI A wonderful characteristic of ergonomically designed office furniture is that it promotes cost savings as well as ROI by squashing clinical bills. 

When you spend in ergonomic furniture, then the mundane furniture, which is prone to wear and tear, is good riddance. The mental alleviation that it offers to the customers is merely unequaled. The conserved money can be rechannelised towards various other financial investments. Ergonomic furniture assists in ROI as well as makes people ensured of their investment. Ergonomic furniture consists of all that it requires to get rid of tension as well as anxiety from the work environment. 

That is specifically why it has actually been vocally backed by top-notch corporations such as Apple and its counterparts. Every company wants a satisfied and also productive workforce. There is no chance ahead without ergonomic furniture.

While managing employee schedules and business operations is crucial for your hybrid workplace, you should make room for proper space management. After all, your office space is where your administration, research, customer services, and other functions come together. Additionally, office real estate comes at a hefty cost. Thus, mismanaging it can affect your company's overall spending. So where do you begin? As a part of your hybrid work strategy, you must: 

Understand how to use office space in the best way possible Make improvements in your space management plan Sure, investing in a space management solution can help you achieve all these goals in one go, but you must know how to use it to maximize your office space potential. If you have just installed a space management solution in your company, you could use some help figuring out how to use it to optimize your office space. Looking for tips? Here are a few to help you get started. 

With a centralized, accessible space management solution, different teams can look over office resource data and share their perspectives. This makes office space audits collaborative and fruitful. What’s more, a space management solution allows you to get a clear overview of the exact number of resources within your office in real-time. By monitoring them, you make informed decisions and improve space utilization quickly. 

Enable Seamless Desk Booking and Meeting Room Booking. Since office occupancy is lesser in a hybrid working model, you can introduce desk and meeting room booking to make the best use of the available space. But here’s the thing. Employees will only use software if it is easy to use, has a quick learning curve and integrates seamlessly with their workflow. And multiple software provide just the opposite experience. This is where a space management solution comes into the picture. A space management solution acts as an all-in-one solution that allows your employees to access and book available desks and meeting rooms. This way, employees only need to master only one software to make their workflows more convenient. 

Identify Space Utilization and Lower Costs With Your Space Management Solution. Real estate costs are the biggest expenses for companies. But a space management solution can help you bring these costs down through better space management. A space management solution helps you track office space utilization in real-time. This includes office space demand at different times of the day, weeks and months. With such granular data, you can decide if the office space needs to expansion or downsizing  to reduce costs. For instance, if you have an unused meeting room but need more office desks, you can convert the meeting room into a working area. 

But if you are seeing a surge in meeting room bookings in the hybrid work setup, you might need to convert desk seating areas into smaller meeting rooms. Use a Space Management Solution to Create a Safe and Productive Work Environment The focus of a space management solution is not limited to reducing costs. You can also use it for creating a working space that helps your employees work productively. For your employees to remain engaged, you need to carve out workspaces that meet their needs. And these needs vary from person to person. For instance, some employees may need quiet area to focus better, while others might need a co-working setup to maintain motivation. 

Whatever your employee needs are, they need to be taken care of to ensure employees remain productive. And a space management solution helps you do this easily. But that’s not all. A space management solution also helps with- Providing enough room for comfort Following social distancing protocols Setting up different kinds of spaces for different purposes. 

Use the Space Management Solution to Generate Reports. If you were using a manual space management system before installing a space management solution, you know the hassles of keeping track of space management data. Along with multiple color-coded sheets, you have to check your data for errors, maintain data consistency and integrity too. Not with a space management solution though. A space management solution collects reliable and real-time office space data and centralizes it into one system, in a consistent format. What’s more, it analyzes the data for you and presents it in a readable format to help you arrive at better conclusions. And that’s not all. A space management solution also helps you spot trends during specific periods, helping you make decisions quicker. Hybrid workspaces are dynamic in nature and they pose unique problems that can be solved by effective space management. And a space management software automates it and makes it easier for all employees involved. 

Besides, using a space management solution to manage your office space layout is convenient and cost-effective. With an effective space management plan in hand, you can ensure employee well-being, boost productivity and employee satisfaction. Additionally, the accurate real-time data can help you make informed decisions about your office space. 

Use the above tips to optimize your workplace with a space management solution. Make sure you select a space management solution that is easy to use and can integrate seamlessly with existing tools. This way you can get started without the hassles of setting the software up too. WorkInSync is a leading provider of space management solution. It helps in space planning with data driven reports. You can opt for a demo to see how the solution can help your organization. 

All this needs to be taken care of now, because eventually the workplace and the previous coworking trend could be taking place predominately in the metaverse! Anything is possible in the modern workplace and what is just around the corner. It's time to build a better workplace in the new age economy now!

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