How To Shop For Golf Equipment On A Budget

how to shop for frugal golf equipment

Golf equipment can rapidly add up and make it an expensive hobby. While many professional players will get a professional fitting done, finding the right clubs at a discount is the best option for the beginner golfer. In time, you will know exactly what equipment you need. But, while you are still new to the game, you will need to try out different clubs to determine what suits you. 

There are numerous ways to stretch your golf allocation and find the essential items that cost less cash. This guide provides tips on how to shop for golf equipment on a budget. 

Global Shortages 

Before looking at how to get the cheapest golf equipment, it is worth mentioning that the global shortage on materials has also hit the golf market. Add to this the worldwide supply crisis and you will be prepared for some difficulty and delays in obtaining certain items. A third factor having an impact is that Covid spurred many more people (two million) to play golf, driving up demand for golfing products. Considering these items together means that you must be on your toes to find golf equipment, especially for a bargain price. 

Rental Equipment 

If you are still a novice at golf, take note that there is no shame in renting the golf equipment you need. This is particularly true when it comes to clubs, and you are still finding out which ones are right for you. Some companies allow you to pay a monthly fee to use and return golf clubs as you please. 

Buy Second-Hand Golf Equipment 

Some golf shops will give golfers a discount on new gear when they trade in their old equipment. This is good news for you because it means that used golf equipment is readily available at reasonable prices. You can also get second-hand equipment from online sites such as eBay or Amazon for frugal rates. 

Clearance Sales 

Take advantage of outlet stores having clearance sales. You can pick up some bargains at these places. All this is done online so there is no inconvenience of wading through bins. Plus, these sites usually have well-known brands although the items are earlier models. 

One-Day Deal Sites

Sign up for the mailing lists from certain deal sites so that you are primed when an item that you are looking for becomes available. Otherwise, you must remember to log in daily and could miss out. As the deals are only valid for 24 hours, you need to be ready to purchase when something suitable at a good price is online. 

Quality Online Resources 

Golf carts are subject to hard wear and tear. On the subject of golf cart parts, the item that needs the most frequent replacement is the keys. Golfers lose their golf cart keys so often that it pays to have a spare set on hand. Get the factory-made items rather than cutting a set; this is one thing you do not want to skimp on. 

Erosion of the suspension is common in the coil-over suspension, struts, shocks, and leaf springs. The age of the cart is another reason to be prepared to spend on these parts. You can improve the stability of your cart with a golf cart lift kit to increase the height of your tires beyond that standard nineteen inches. You may also need to keep an eye on your clutch, controller, solenoid, battery cables, and motor. You want to shop for golf cart parts like mufflers, brakes and shocks from an online source that has a wide range of quality parts. 


If you follow these tips, you need not pay an arm and a leg for reasonably priced golf equipment. Golfing should be fun and not a hobby that breaks the bank.

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