Guide To Building A Perfect Golf Swing

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Ok, maybe there is no such a thing as a perfect swing, but you sure can get close to it. There are certain training aids and tips that could guide you through several stages of your golf swing. Take a look at this guide and improve your swing technique. 

1. Hands In A Lower Position 

By keeping your hands low, you will manage to reduce the height of the shot. In other words, the lower you keep your hands, the lower the ball will fly. Of course, there are other methods to achieve a low ball flight: you can use a stronger club or move the ball back in the stance. Still, they are not as reliable as keeping your hands low. 

2. Keep Your Forearm Parallel To Your Spine 

This will help you gain accuracy and firm hit. The right forearm should be kept parallel to the spine, the left wrist should be flat, while your elbows and arms make the shape of a triangle. If you make that position, you will know for sure that your shoulders are rotated just the way they should be for the backswing to be perfect. 

3. Practice With The Box 

The issue with slicers' swing path is that it goes too much outside, while it's necessary to have a path coming mildly from the inside. This is where you can practice with a box - remove the top half of a ball box and place it on one side. The box should be aligned with your target line. Try to make a path that enables the shaft to pass over the golf ball box. For the slicers issue, place the box on the line forward of the ball. 

4. Get Rid Of The Early Release 

Also called "the flip", this happens if your body gets in front of the ball too far. Due to this, the club lags, most often with an open face. Your hands will naturally try to close the face during the impact, but it is a tough thing to do even for much more experienced golf players. The right timing is very difficult to achieve. So, you need to practice in order to get a firm left side. That way, your body will be further away from the ball, preventing the flip. Of course, there are quicker and simpler ways to practice the proper position. Many online stores selling quality golf equipment like Swing Eagle also recommend trainer brackets that are very helpful in correcting mistakes in your swing. 

5. Use Your Body 

The fact is that your strength and power that you need for a swing doesn't actually come from your arms but your whole body. So, you need to learn how to use your whole body to give your swing power. First, your body should be in a dead-stop position, while the ball should be in front of the club, at address. Don't make a backswing. Instead, drag the ball into the air. If you use your hands too much in order to control the club, you will probably find it difficult at the beginning. Still, in time, you'll learn to move your whole body together with the club, managing to drag the ball into the air more frequently. 

6. Keep The Special K 

It's possible even for an experienced golfer to get sidetracked from time to time. That usually happens when the flex in the back leg is lost while they are setting up the right distance. When the back leg isn't flexed, you will probably lose some balance during the backswing, affecting the impact. This is where the Special K can come in handy - bend forward from the hips, and back from your knees. When the back leg is flexed, there will be enough room for the arms to swing. If the position is correct, you will be able to draw a line from the top of your back to the tip of your elbow. 

Get Great At Golf 

There is no a good golfer in the world who didn't spend a lot of time perfecting their swing. It takes time and practice but with just the right tips, you will get there much faster. It also helps to buy the right frugal golf products. Now go take your golf game to the next level! 

I hope you enjoyed this blog post about how to improve your golf swing with professional techniques and on a frugal budget.

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