Working Out In Front Of The Mirror: Not Just For Vanity

A lot of you have probably seen those men and women in the gym that are working out in front of the mirror and are just glued to their reflection. Maybe you'll even see them do some muscle flexing or lift up their shirt a bit to see how their abs are coming along. So you think, "wow they are so in love with themselves it's disgusting". And you  might be right about some of them. But not everybody working out in front of the mirror is in love with themselves. They are using the mirror as a tool to improve their workout technique and effectiveness.

By working out in front of the mirror, a person can ensure that they are lifting evenly and achieving a symmetrical appearance. If you work out with poor form or more to one side, this not only translates into an uneven physique but also into serious injury risk. Still others are working out and flexing in front of the mirror because they are competitive bodybuilders or fitness models and their job is to make sure they look a specific way. You can't get the right look or flexing without practicing. So while it does look pretty vain sometimes, know that working out in front of the mirror can be beneficial to you and your workout. Try it sometime and you may be surprised with what you see.

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