2 Day Beginner Workout Split

Workout Guidelines:
-Do each workout twice per week
-Workouts last 45-60 minutes
-Workout 4 times per week
-Each set is in the 12-15 repetition range with perfect form to promote endurance, lean muscle gain, and calorie burning
-Rest between sets is 30-90 seconds
-Do 30 Minutes of Cardio after these workouts or on non-lifting days
-Insert 90-180 second intervals of cardio in between every 3-5 sets of resistance training to keep heart rate up and promote extra fat burning and endurance gains

Day #1: Upper Body
3x Pushups
3x Lat Pulldown
3x Row Machine or Single Arm Dumbbell Row
3x Barbell or Dumbbell  Incline Bench Press
3x Curl + Press
3x Bench Dips or Hammer Strength Plate-Loading Dip Machine
5x Cardio Intervals on various machines/modalities

Day #2: Lower Body
3x Dumbbell or Barbell Squats
3x Dumbbell or Barbell Wide Squats
3x Ab Crunch Machine
3x Mat or Ball Crunches
3x Leg Press Machine
2x Leg Curl Machine
2x Leg Extension Machine
3-5x Cardio Intervals

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