Intermediate Abdominal & Core Workout

General Information:
-Workout should last 15-20 minutes
-Each set (x) should consist of 15-20 repetitions or more unless otherwise written
-Brief or no rest between sets
-Breathe every repetition (exhale as you crunch up or situp)
-Use excellent form!
-No weighted abdominal exercises for daughter
(x = 1 set of 15+ repetitions)

Ab Workout 1.0:
3x Situps (Feet under couch or toes against stairs) 
3x Alternating Heel Taps: 
2 Russian Twists (with up to a 10 lb wait if form is perfect) 
3x Hip Bridges (Raise up hips, hold for 10 seconds each time) or Single Leg Hip Bridges
3x Planks (Hold 10-20 seconds each time)
3x Alternating Twisting Crunches on Ball
3x Quadripeds (Hold each repetition for at least 1 second)
2x Bent Knee Leg Raises (Keep Lower Back Flat On The Mat)

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