Your Questions Answered: Can Personal Trainers Have Tattoos?

Your Question:
I was looking into getting a job as a personal trainer, and I wasn't sure what the policy might be on my tattoos? Am I allowed to have them and where?

Frugal Fitness Answer:
Absolutely. It all depends on how you present yourself as a professional. Certain companies and employers have preferences or regulations when it comes to tattoos but most are a lot more lenient now. If tattoos are obscene or gang-related, that is probably going to be bad for business or prohibited. Basic tattoos are more and more acceptable these days, especially in the fitness and athletic industries. I personally have a tattoo on both of my shoulders so they don't show unless I am wearing a muscle shirt, and I can decide if and when I will do that based on where I'm working or who I am working with. If I get another one, it will probably be on my upper back, another location where it isn't visible very often. Tattoos on your forearm, calf, hands, face, or neck are probably not the best choices. Also leave the beer at home!

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