My Current Nutritional Supplement Stack

I get the question all the time: "What supplements do you take?". So I thought I would post my current supplement regimen in its entirety with explanations on my choices. While these do tend to change based on what goals I am trying to achieve, or my budget, they tend to be pretty consistent nowadays. The amounts and timing may also be dependent on when I workout, if I workout, and what workouts I am doing that day. The supplement choices are based on adding muscle, improving energy, improving recovery rate, enhancing immune system, and burning fat.

Upon Waking:
-1 Scoop Dymatize 12 Hour Elite Protein in Skim Milk
-1/2 or 3/4 Scoop Six Star Pro Creatine Powder in 8-10 oz water
(3-4x per week, other times I substitute Fruit Juice or nothing instead)
-1 packet EmergenC (preferably "Bone Health" Formula) + 1 4C Energy Rush Packet in 10 oz water
-2 Flaxseed Oil Capsules

-1 Cup Green Tea (ideally)
-2 Flaxseed Oil Capsules (ideally)

-1 4C Energy Rush Packet in water
-1 Scoop Nectar Whey Protein powder in water

-1 Scoop Nectar or Dymatize Protein Powder
-1 Scoop of Gatorade or 4C Fruit Punch Powder, or Fruit Juice
-1 EmergenC Packet (preferably Immune Defense Formula)

-1 Cup Decaf Green Tea (ideally)

Before Bed:
-1 Scoop Dymatize 12 Hour Elite Protein in Skim Milk
-2 Flaxseed Oil Capsules

I only take a multivitamin about once or twice a week because I usually get more than enough micronutrients from the Energy Rush and EmergenC packets, combined with nutrients from regular foods.

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