Outdoor Workouts vs. Indoor Gym Results

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Do you think folks can get decent workouts without going to the gym, now that the weather is getting
nice? I am feeling awfully sick of the gym and really excitied to get out in the fresh air. How does hiking and power-walking compare with my winter-cardio-routine of the gym's elliptical?
You Can Do Yoga Outdoors Too!
Frugal Fitness Answer:
 I know that anyone can get an excellent workout without being in the traditional gym setting if they are motivated and creative. When the weather is nice out, especially after the winter we just had, I encourage them to do at least part of their workout outdoors. That can mean running, walking, hiking, or biking (and swimming down the road when it's warmer), or just by taking a mat, pair of dummbells, and resistance band outside with them. The sun and fresh air can help energize you and give you some extra Vitamin D. Hiking and power-walking are great forms of cardio and are usually low impact compared to running so I would recommend them. I would still encourage walkers and hikers to engage in a consistent and well-rounded strength training regimen though to make sure they are working all the muscle groups and keeping their metabolism nice and high.

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