Protein Recommendations Per Meal? Your Questions Answered!

Your Question:
What are your protein recommendations for someone looking to put on weight and muscle, I am a hardgainer. Also, I think your book The Frugal Diet might have an error on the serving size or lean steak...let me know man, thanks!
-Former Personal Training Client

Frugal Answer:
Good call on the conflicting advice, in the book I am a little more conservative in my recommendations since I try to appeal to a diverse spectrum of people, especially geared towards weight loss. So you are absolutely right about the steak, maybe 4-6 oz would be more realistic as a serving size, but for someone looking to put on lean muscle mass quickly and having trouble in the past, I would say 40 grams of protein in an hour is fine. Especially since the steak probably won't be eaten in a split second (like a protein shake is chugged) and usually eaten with some fats and carbs as well, which will slow down the breakdown process of the protein. To make up for the caloric deficit of lowering the steak serving size, add in a tablespoon of natural peanut butter. Good questions, sorry for my mistake on the serving size.

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