Glutes of Steel Workout Regimen

 General Workout Guidelines:
-Each workout takes about 45 minutes
-Do 30-45 minutes of cardio either after the workout or on non-workout days
-Each set should consist of 15-20 repetitions (with perfect form and posture!) to promote small lean muscle and endurance
-Throw in 90 second high intensity cardio intervals in between every 3-5 sets (boxing, jump rope, step, elliptical, etc.)
-Rest between sets should be 30 seconds or less to keep heart rate and metabolism  up
-Workouts should be done 3-4 times per week (if done 4 times per week then mix and match exercises or work on weak areas)
-Stretch for 5-10 minutes after your workout is complete

Workout Performance Nutrition:
-30-60 minutes before a workout have moderate serving of protein and a piece of fruit. A small or moderate amount of caffeine can be beneficial before a workout, especially before cardio.
-Throughout workout stay hydrated with water or a diluted sports drink (Gatorade, propel, etc) if your workout lasts over an hour or if you will be sweating profusely. Do not drink caffeine during a workout as it is dehydrating
-Within 30 minutes after your workout consume simple sugars (a piece of fruit or glass of fruit juice) and some whey protein to promote optimum energy and muscle recovery
-Refer to packet for overall nutritional advice!!!

(X= 1 set)

Workout #1: Upper Body
3-5 minutes Cardio Warmup
3x Incline Chest Press w/dumbbells
3x Incline Chest Flies
3x Pushups
3x Bench Dips
3x Push Presses
3x One Arm Rows
3x Hammer Curl + Hammer Press
3x Quadripeds (Switching with 2 second holds)
2x Russian Twists
2x Alternating Heel Taps + Twisting Crunches

Workout #2: Lower Body
3x Squat + Presses
3x Wide Squats with upward rows at the top
3x Stability Ball Leg Curls
2x Alternating Lunge + dumbbell press
2x Single Leg Hip Bridge
2x Calf Raise + shrugs
2x Hip Circuit
2x Reverse Crunches + regular crunches
2x Front Bridge (aka planks) at least 15 second holds

Workout #3: Total Body
3x Incline Chest Flies + Chest Presses
2x Wide Lateral Squats
3x Squat + front raise
3x Diagonal raises
3x Squat Rows
2x Mountain Climbers (20 seconds +)
3x Pushups or chest presses
2x Bent over reverse flies
3x Jumping Jacks (25+)

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