Nose Hair For A Reason

OK this is going to be kind of a strange subject but I wanted to briefly discuss nose hair and body hair in general. Yes there is body hair that is annoying and seems pointless. It is definitely not appreciated by the opposite sex very much. Body hair is there for a reason though. Although not currently as important, body hair helps protect our more vulnerable organs and glands. While not as important as it once was, I do think that there is one place where body hair is very important: the nose.

Nose hair is not attractive but for a lot of people it plays a very important role in preventing pathogens and other materials from entering our respiratory system. Without nose hair, we are more susceptible to bacteria, viruses, pollen, dust, etc that can irritate our system. The reason I am even writing this article is because I have used a nose hair trimmer about 5 times in my life. Guess what happened every time I used it? I ended up getting a cold or a sinus infection that same week. Coincidence? I thought so after the first one or two times but after that I was sure. In my unique situation, removing all my nose hairs caused my sinuses (which have been traditionally bad my whole life) to be more susceptible to irritation and infection. When the nose hair grew back, I no longer had any irregular sinus trouble. While everyone has different sensitivities to pathogens and nasal irritants, this just demonstrates that there is still a need for body hair in certain areas and situations.

I won't get into ear hair because I haven't had any problems but I can imagine a somewhat similar situation. I also wouldn't recommend inserting an electric hair trimmer into your ear because I could imagine there would be a risk of damage to your hearing. Doesn't sound worth it no matter how many crazy grey ear hairs you have.

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