Why Do I Buzz / Shave My Armpits? Your Questions Answered?

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No I'm actually not gay, not extraordinarily metrosexual, and I'm really a poor excuse for a wannabe fitness model/natural bodybuilder. But yes, about once or twice a month I will buzz my armpits or occassionally shave them with a razor if I have a photo shoot or competition. The reason is not necessarily aesthetics, although at times when you are with a woman I highly doubt they are attracted by moist, smelly, long hairs in their face or rubbing against them. I can't see that being too appealing.

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The actual reason is because I tend to sweat a lot. Sweating is based on genetics and activity level (mine is relatively high) and I sweat profusely, especially in the armpit region. The way deodorants/antiperspirants work is to block your pores and prevent sweat from seeping through. While this isn't necessarily healthy for your body (the aluminum ingredients that you put into your body from deodorant certainly isn't), this helps to minimize sweating and keep you dry. When you have very hairy armpits, and you apply the deodorant to your underarms, you waste at least half of the deodorant on your hair where it does much less good! If you have shaved armpits the deodorant will go where it is needed, the pores of your skin. Also, you will avoid unsightly clumps of white or clear stuff clinging to your long armpit hairs which is pretty nasty to look at. So in conclusion, whether you are doing it for appearance or functionality, you might want to look into reducing your underarm hair as well and save yourself the pitstains.

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