Google Analytics Versus Amazon Analytics Differences

google analytics vs amazon analytics seller account difference

You might wonder, what is the importance of website analytics? How is it a great help to my business? 

Put yourself into this situation: A new feature has been implemented on the business page. But, you did not have a web analytics solution. How can you track the performance of the new feature?

In a competitive market, a business must have a web analytics solution to keep up with the pace of its competitors. Web analytics helps business owners and their marketing team in gathering and analyzing the quantitative and qualitative data from the company’s website and the competitor’s website. It determines the needed continual improvements of the website to reach the desired outcome. 

After knowing the benefits of website analytics solutions, you might wonder: what is the best web analytics solution for my business? 

It may be overwhelming to choose the best web analytics solution, as there are several options available. You would take all the time to read all of the possibilities. Thus, we have made it simple for you. We gained insights about Google Analytics and Amazon Analytics and how it may fit into your website strategy. 

Google Analytics

It may not be known to you, but Google Analytics is the most robust yet most straightforward website analytics solution offered. Despite its free services, Google Analytics provides detailed statistics of visitor’s insight and engagement to the website. 

According to the usage statistics, half of the website population in the world uses Google Analytics. It provides the geographical information of the visitors, site engagement, and their number of visits to the website. 

Features Of Google Analytics 

Google Analytics became known as one of the most comprehensive analytics solutions on the web and completely free services. Thus, it is expected that new or small business owners will resort to using their platform. There are five key features of Google Analytics: 

Reports Web Traffic – 

Web traffic reports is the most basic service you can get from most of the website analytics tool. This feature determines the number of website discoverability or visits on the site each day. The track trends accumulated over time may influence the business owner’s marketing decisions. 

Tracks Conversion – 

Web analytics will track the conversion points from the website. It helps the marketing team monitor the traffic source of the website. Website owners can set up e-commerce sales, contact information, or inquiry form and track them using Google Analytics. 

Keyword Referrals – 

Keywords heavily influence the SEO strategy of the website. Google Analytics gathers essential keywords that may be a great help to integrate into the website. More so, website or business owners and their marketing team will know the keywords that link to their website and services. 

Third-Party Referrals – 

The third-party referrals feature is useful for websites. It is helpful for owners that check on their competitors. More so, it detects other sites that are linking to the business website. 

Custom Dashboard – 

Google Analytics allows its users to have semi-custom dashboards for their analytics. In the dashboard, owners can add the conversion rate, web traffic, and keyword referrals for easy monitoring.  More so, the dashboard has an export feature that supports PDF and .csv format to share reports easily. 

These features are what you will see on the surface of Google Analytics. You will discover several benefits once you are familiar with the software. You may set up Google Analytics for FREE

Amazon Analytics

Amazon has become the largest earning retail in e-Commerce. With its popularity, more business owners join the expedition in selling their products on Amazon. In this situation, the competition among sellers is becoming steeper, making it crucial for them to manage their online market. Thus, they need business software that will help them build their brand and incline their market growth. 

Amazon Web Services is a comprehensive cloud services platform that offers to compute power, storage, content delivery, and other necessary functionality. This amazon seller analytics enables businesses to flourish by effectively providing applications and services with more excellent reliability, scalability, and flexibility. 

Amazon Search Terms – 

Data analysis of Amazon Analytics helps sellers gather and test potential keywords. Utilizing the right keywords will bring in more customer traffic. 

Customer Feedback – 

There is no need to go over several customer reviews in each product. Amazon Analytics will handout a single report that contains the entire history of customer feedback. 

Free – 

Amazon Analytics is a free tool. It provides valuable data that is essential in managing your online market. 

Right Marketing Strategies – 

Amazon Analytics can determine and analyze the competitor’s data. This feature helps in building brand awareness. 

Sales Summary – 

It will provide information on how the items are quickly shipped and received by the consumers. More so, Amazon Analytics can determine the geographic sales which make advertising campaigns efficient. 

More In-Depth Product Insight – 

Amazon Analytics provides a profound list of the products that sell the fastest. 

Final Verdict: Google Analytics Or Amazon Analytics? 

Google Analytics and Amazon Analytics are both beneficial tools for online sellers. They offer several features and functionalities that help drive traffic, boost the target audience conversion, and enhance advertising strategies. These features and functionalities are a great help for the team management to track and analyze the business data efficiently. 

However, unlike Google Analytics, Amazon Analytics is exclusive for Amazon sellers. Online sellers who have their domain can utilize Google Analytics. It helps the business sellers understand the behavior of the target audience. Amazon Analytics also provides data on consumers’ behavior through their navigation in Amazon. 

It may be true that Amazon Analytics is not yet a polished tool. However, with the basic features and functionalities available in the analytic tool, provides critical data and information that guides excellent decisions. More so, it is believed that Amazon Analytics is under development to offer more services to its users. 

You can have a better insight between Google Analytics and Amazon Analytics by trying them both for FREE. By then, you can differentiate the ease of use with their features and functionalities.

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