Your Questions Answered: Nutrition/Supplements For 14 Year Old Male Wrestler?

First of all Chris needs to increase his overall caloric and protein intake to put on muscle mass. This should be achieved through eating lots of lean proteins (chicken breasts, tuna, turkey, lean beef, fish, skim milk, soy) , whole grain foods (oatmeal, whole grain cereal, whole grain bread, wraps), and healthy fats (nuts, seeds, hummus, fatty fish). Chris should be ditching the fast food and cafeteria food as much as possible (Unless it is one of his cheat days using the Zig-Zag Method of fat loss) and instead replace them with these healthier choices. Chris should eat several times per day instead of just 2-3 large meals per day to keep his muscles fueled with carbs, protein, and amino acids. This will give him prolonged energy throughout the day and ensure that muscle breakdown is kept to a minimum. Eating 6-8 smaller healthy meals throughout the day will also keep his metabolism up so he will burn more fat throughout the day. Very important meals to keep in mind include eating a large breakfast high in protein and carbohydrates immediately upon waking to fuel the body after a night of fasting. He also must immediately replenish his muscles with high glycemic index carbohydrates such as maltodextrin and quickly digested and efficient protein such as whey protein after a workout. This will help jumpstart the recovery process and create a more anabolic environment for his muscles. Chris should also consume a slower digesting protein such as skim milk or casein protein right before he goes to sleep to provide amino acids to the muscles while he is fasting in his sleep, again to minimize muscle breakdown and to create an anabolic environment with optimal nitrogen balance. Chris should be drinking large amounts of fluids during the day to help stay hydrated, this will ensure kidney health and maximum mental and physical performance. Fruits and vegetables should be eaten in large amounts for the healthy fiber and antioxidants they contain. With a diet like the one listed above, Chris will put on significant muscle mass while minimizing any fat gain so he can make weight for wrestling in a healthy manner.

For supplements, Chris does not need very many as he is only 14 years old. Whey protein powder is an excellent choice for Chris in the morning and after a workout (I would recommend approximately 20-30 grams each time) as it will be a convenient way for him to increase his protein intake and gain muscle mass. Chris should also take a quality multivitamin/multimineral for teens to ensure that he is getting enough of the basic vitamins and minerals needed for growth and performance. Casein protein powder could be purchased to drink at night before going to sleep or just substituted with a large glass of skim milk instead. Optional supplements could include 1-3 grams of fish oil or flaxseed oil per day for general health and possible anti-inflammatory properties. Teas, especially green teas, could also provide powerful antioxidants to stimulate immune system function and destroy free radicals. Tea also contains much less caffeine than coffee or any soda, one cup of caffeinated tea early in the day could be useful in boosting energy levels and burning fat since that would only involve about 30-40 mg of caffeine, a safe amount for healthy individuals. I would definitely not recommend any other supplements to Chris as he is still growing and his strength should not be increased too soon with creatine supplements that could allow his muscles to take on resistance loads that his growing joints and connective tissue are unable to handle. Most other supplements are for more advanced/older athletes, are a waste of money, or have not been scientifically proven to be effective. I would also explain to Chris the enormous dangers of taking illegal supplements such as Pro-Hormones, Anabolic Steroids, Human Growth Hormone, and certain stimulants.

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