Frugal Fitness Nutrition Myths Busted

Myth #1: Carbs Are The Enemy!

Truth: Carbohydrates are extremely important for everyone no matter what their fitness goals may be. As the primary source of fuel for your brain and muscles, a person cannot function without carbs without adverse mental and physical effects, especially if they are physically active. The trick is to stick to complex carbohydrates that do not cause the spike in blood sugar and are less likely to promote fat storage. These slower digesting carbs will provide more stable energy throughout the day and you will not “crash” after about an hour like you may if you chugged a bottle of soda. Complex carbs will also offer many more nutrients such as fiber, vitamins, and minerals that the processed simple sugars are lacking.

Myth #2: Fat Is Bad For You!
Truth: Again, like carbohydrates, fat is essential for normal function and performance and it is simply a matter of getting the right type of fat in your diet. A lower-fat diet will help you loose some weight but don’t try to completely fat from your diet (which is pretty much impossible anyways). Stick to the unsaturated fats and those high in Omega-3 fatty acids.
Myth #3: Diet, Reduced Fat, and Sugar-Free foods are good for you
Truth: Just because a food says that it is “Low Fat”, “Diet”, etc. does not necessarily mean that it is good for you. “Low Fat”, “Reduced Fat”, and “Fat Free” products may compensate with extra sugar. Conversely, “Low Carb” and “Sugar Free” products may compensate  with higher amounts of fat. This may be done to preserve the taste of the product. Sodium may also be added to these products to maintain taste. I’m not saying all of these products aren’t better than their originals, I’m just saying that the only way to know for sure is to check the labels and know what to look for. Most food companies have websites that include nutrition labels for their products so you can compare and contrast for yourself at the grocery store or online.
Myth #4: Skipping Breakfast will help me lose weight
Truth: Skipping breakfast will most likely backfire and not help you lose weight, it could possibly even make you gain weight in the long run! By skipping breakfast your body has no source of fuel and your metabolism will slow down accordingly so your body will burn less calories. You will start to feel sluggish and tired throughout the day. Most people will make up for a skipped breakfast with unhealthy snacks or a massive lunch. The feeling of decreased energy from a skipped breakfast will also take away from your motivation to hit the gym later. Also, coffee is not breakfast!

Myth #5: Meat is bad for you
Truth: Meat has been getting a bad reputation for decades from doctors and vegetarians but it can be a very healthy part of a balanced diet if eaten correctly. It is true that fatty cuts of red meat tend to raise bodyfat and cholesterol levels, but lean cuts of pork and beef contain excellent amounts of protein and other nutrients.

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