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       Our world is in horrible shape from all the industrialization and pollution that humans have inflicted on it. The United States did (and continues to do) an enormous amount of damage to the ozone, ground, water, air, and pretty much everything else you can think of. Some recent legislation and standards have been put into place to help minimize the US's impact but we have a long way to go. Now China, India, and other developing nations are exponentially increasing industrialization and the process is starting all over again since they have little or no pollution or energy regulations. It is important for all of us to do our part and help improve our current situation. RESULTS Private Fitness is a green company in many ways, especially with an almost 100% internet marketing plan. While internet marketing does require very small amounts of electricity, sending out email newsletters such as this one saves about 8,000 pieces of paper each time (and a lot of ink). Advertising primarily on websites also saves thousands or tens of thousands of pieces of paper every month that would have gone into flyers and brochures. I will be coming out with small printings for my book "The Frugal Diet" but it will primarily be sold as an E-book which will save a lot of trees. I like to network in person but doing some of my networking by email or online forum saves large amounts of fuel that would be required for a traditional face-to-face meeting. I also work to focus on the little things because I know they add up. I am on the computer a lot but I always use the Power Save mode to reduce energy use. I drive a Hyundai Accent which gets about 33 miles per gallon on average, especially now that I've cleaned out excess fitness equipment. I also recycle all my junk mail and old marketing pieces. Join RESULTS Private Fitness and be a part of the greater green solution.

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