How Do I Work My Way Up To (Wide) Pullups?

Good question on the pullups. You don't have to do wide ones but the best way to work up to them (besides doing negatives like you mentioned) is to do heavier wide lat pulldowns and wide rows (seated, bent over rows, etc).  You should also really train the negatives which means you jump up with your legs mostly and then slowly lower down the pullup in a controlled manner. You are about 30% stronger in the downward, or negative phase, of any lift. This is when the muscle is being stretched as opposed to being contracted, I would strengthen the individual muscles required for the wide pullup movement (lats, rhomboids, biceps, forearms) and also losing some bodyfat/weight would reduce the amount of weight you have to lift. Improving your grip strength is also crucial for maximizing your pullup performance. The last thing you want is to be limited by your forearm and wrist strength and endurance. Strengthen your grip by doing hanging exercises, heavy shrugs, heavy deadlifts, wrist curls, and using "Fat Grips" on barbells or dumbbells to increase the width of the bar grip and make your grip muscles work harder.

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