4 Day Workout Split Police Fitness Test Training

General Workout Guidelines:
-Workout lasts 45-60 minutes in duration
-Cardio done after workout (don't do cardio after a Leg Day) or on non-lifting days
-High repetitions (15+ reps per set) except for chest, tricep, and shoulder exercises: these should be heavier and lower reps to build up strength and mass for bench press test.
-Hydrate before, during, and after workout
-Breathe during all repetitions!!!
-Workouts don’t have to be done exactly as written, especially if you feel joint pain or a weight seems too light or heavy. Use common sense!
-Workouts are not done in the exact order written (except warmup and cooldowns)
-Ask Frugal Fitness if you have any questions or need help!

(x=1 set)
Workout #1: Upper Body Push (Chest, Triceps, Front/Middle Shoulders)
5 Minute Warmup Elliptical
3x Pushups (1 set wide, 1 set narrow hand position, 1 set feet elevated)
3x Incline Barbell Bench Press 95-115 lbs
3x Barbell Bench Press 115-145 lbs (get a spotter on anything 135 or heavier)
3x Bench Tricep Dips
3x Dumbbell Incline Chest Flies 25 lb dumbbells
2x Dumbbell Shoulder Press 30 lb dumbbells (seated or standing)
2x Shoulder front and lateral raises 5-10 lbs dumbbells
2x Dumbbell Upward Rows 12-15 lbs dumbbells
5 Minute Cooldown Stairclimber

Workout #2: Lower Body + Core
3 minutes warmup stairmaster
2x Leg press machine 150 + lbs
3x Barbell bench Press 135-155 lbs
2x dumbbell alternating lunges 10 lb dumbbells
3x dumbbell squats with 30 lb dumbbells
3x dumbbell wide squats 50 lb dumbbell
3x standing calf raises off of step or stair
3x quadripeds (alternating, hold 2 seconds each side each time)
3x front bridge hold 10+ seconds
2x Hip Bridges
3 minutes cooldown bike

Workout #3: Upper Body Pull (Upper Back, Rear Shoulders, Biceps, Forearms)
5 Minute Warmup Elliptical
2x Lat Pulldown Narrow Grip 100 lbs
2x Lat Pulldown Wide Grip 100 lbs
2x Lat Pulldown Reverse Grip 90 lbs
4x Row Machine 60-80 lbs (vary row machines and/or grips)
2x Dumbbell Bicep curls 25 lb dumbbells
2x Dumbbell Hammer curls 25 lb dumbbells
2x Barbell Curls (45 lb Olympic Bar)
2x EZ Bar Reverse Curls 40-50 lb bar
1x Wrist curls until failure (done at end of workout) with 20 lb dumbbells
1x Reverse Wrist Curls until failure (done at end of workout) with 15 lb dumbbells
5 Minute Cooldown Treadmill Incline Speedwalk

Workout #4: Abs, Trapezius, and Cardio:
5 Minutes Exercise Bike
3x Crunches
2x Twisting Crunches
3x Situps
2x Planks for 15+ seconds
2x Crunches on a PhysioBall
4x Dumbbell Shrugs (50 lb dumbbells)
4x Barbell Shrugs (70-90 lb bar)
30 Minutes Cardio of your choice

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