Creatine and Other Supplements: Good For Running/Endurance Performance?

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    Hey man, um im not sure if you'd have an answer to this, but i checked out the "N.O Fury" at Walmart and only got a quick glance at it, and i saw something about 'increase endurance(?)'. i'm not a lifter, im a distance runner and when it said 'endurance', will this product help me in my preformance in runs? i was just curious about that part. and you seem more of the 'lifting' kind of guys, but do u happen to know any products that will help with endurance in running? 

  • Frugal Fitness Answer:
    I used to explain this to my classmates in my exercise physiology classes. Creatine will NOT help you in endurance events because it doesn't enhance the energy source your body utilizes during long-lasting physical exercise. Creatine is used by the body for exercises lasting about 30 seconds or less, after that your body depends on fat stores and carbohydrate stores (glycogen). Creatine will only help a tiny bit, if at all, during a final "sprint" at the end of a run
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