Teen Abs and Muscle Building: Your Questions Answered!

Hey I'm only a teen and I'm trying to get abs. What would the best exercise for the abs and building muscles?

Frugal Fitness Answer:
Take a look at my Ab Workout YouTube vid ( YouTube Channel is http://youtube.com/MyFrugalFitness )  for your midsection and preventing lower back injury (I used to have lower back pain lifting too heavy as a teen because I didn't do these exercises enough). You don't want to do all ab and oblique work and no lower back and posterior muscle work, gotta keep things in balance. Teens should focus on light-moderate weights, moderate repetitions, excellent form, free weights/cables, and avoid working through any joint pain. Eat a ton! You are growing and your metabolism is as fast as it will ever be, you gotta stoke the fire with many meals throughout the day. Also, check out my YouTube chest workout, Trapezius workout, and my future upper back workouts. I also have an eBook called The Frugal Workout on Amazon.com for $4.99 which has tons of workouts, exercise illustrations, and lifting tips for all teens and all ages/levels. Hope this helps, best of luck!

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