What Are Your Top 3 Favorite Gym Machines?

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I've been to the nicest gyms in the country, and I've also done excellent workouts with no equipment in parking lots, fields, tracks, etc. Getting a great workout is all about knowing what you are doing. As my eBook "The Frugal Workout" will repeat over and over again, the best pieces of fitness equipment are usually not the $5,000 machines that everyone looks at when they pick a gym or health club. I would say the top 3 pieces of equipment for most people are dumbbells, barbells, and a yoga/physioball. Ellipticals with mobile arms, bikes with mobile arms, old-school Nordic Tracks, and cardio rowing machines also rank very high on my list though because they are total body cardiovascular modalities that anyone can use no matter what their fitness level and they are all relatively low-impact on the joints unlike jogging. All of these are excellent fat-burning choices. The dumbbells, barbells, and physioball are good choices because they build muscle (which enhances metabolism) and require you to use your core muscles to stabilize yourself, unlike the Nautilus type machines in many gym circuits. The cardio machines, especially when you mix up which ones you use or how you use them, will burn fat directly and enhance cardiovascular health as well.

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