Creating Muscle Fatigue, Preventing Injuries, and Long-Lasting Muscle Mass Gains

I never get muscle injury or pain when lifting but instead my bones hurt really bad sometimes when I lift? Like I curl 45lbs easyly in each hand with no problem but my bone in my forearm hurts and aches? Also one more question, how can you tell when you are really building muscle? Like when I workout my biceps and triceps they get huge during workout and than return to normal and with no inprovment in size? I am getting stronger though but no muscle mass? I work out for 45 min.

So I can build muscle with lower weights and lifting them with great form? Also its only my left (weaker arm) that hurts. Anyway my right arm when I curl feels like I'm building it but my left arm feels like I'm not working it at all. Anyway I have been working with 35 for a month than I moved up to 45lbs. I'm getting alot stronger and I can now bench 280lbs were 4 months I could only bench 245, but not that bigger?  One more thing, you said "Muscle fatigue" (burn) so that means if my arms are getting tired and slower than I'm burning muscle? Thanks for the tips I'm not well educated in body building, I'm just a genetic freak and can put on muscle easy without a good diet.

Frugal Fitness Answer:
I used to have some of the same issues when I was 17-20 years old. Elbow and shoulder pain when I did curls etc. Turned out I was lifting too heavy, I was doing curls with 45-60 lb dumbbells with bad form, and I was stressing my joints, ligaments, and tendons more than I was stressing the muscle. I have since lowered my weights down to 25-40 lb dumbbells (rarely do I go heavier), and focus on excellent form, a muscle pump, and muscle fatigue (burn).  I use lighter weights but I do a lot more drop sets, compound sets, and super sets, especially at the end of the workout. As for prolonged muscle size increases, make sure you are not wasting any of your workouts with post-workout simple carbs and whey protein. If you are going for sheer muscle mass, you need to make sure you are eating plenty of extra calories, and some extra protein, throughout the day, everyday. 45 Minutes is a good length for a lift though! And 1 final tip for you. I lifted heavy and ate like a pig for years from ages 18-21 trying to "get bigger" and add as much strength and muscle size as possible. I see that you are 21 from your profile, sometimes it takes a lot of TIME and rest for a person to put on long-term muscle mass. I can put on muscle mass a lot quicker than I used to now at age 25 than I could at age 20, and I lift lighter weights on many lifts! Be patient and keep working hard! Don't get me wrong, lifting heavy is great as long as form is good and you are even on both sides. For your curls, if one arm starts getting fatigued and can't complete a repetition but your stronger right side could, don't make things worse by trying to force another uneven rep. Just end the set. If you are stronger on 1 side on bench press, you could be overcompensating big time (like using your right side to lift 60% of the weight). Switch to dumbbells and cables temporarily. Congrats on the 280 lbs on bench press! Try to emphasize form, increases in strength will create increases in muscle mass eventually with proper nutrition and rest. Just don't try to increase strength at the cost of chronic joint pain or you'll end up like me with a bad right shoulder.
A muscle "burn" means there is a lot of lactic acid buildup in your muscle, which means you have used up a lot of your muscle's fuel (glycogen), and lactic acid may play a role in muscle building.

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