Getting Back Into Working Out For Warmer Weather

Get Out and Move! Spring Into A Healthier Lifestyle!
        Early spring in New England is definitely a tough time to re-start or continue a diet and exercise program if you've taken a lot of the winter off. Winter's holidays fill you up with a large quantity of unhealthy foods and beverages. It can also be a stressful or depressing time for many people so individuals are more susceptible to emotional eating or poor eating habits in general. The winter weather limits outdoor activities and the lack of sun and warmth can reduce motivation as well. The first step in my opinion to healthy weight loss, or more specifically fat loss (because muscle and water weight are beneficial and necessary), is to make a commitment to yourself and others that you will get healthier. 

Diet and exercise both go hand in hand, they are interdependent and you will only get limited benefits if you excel in one and not the other. Also, I believe that one healthy choice will often lead to another healthy choice so you just need to start that positive cycle and avoid the opposite cycle of unhealthy behaviors. Getting the ball rolling can be as simple as going out for a walk on a half decent or nice day and doing a mile. Shoot hoops for 15 minutes. Do some yardwork now that you can actually see your yard. Get out and move or do a workout while you watch the news or your favorite TV program. Warm weather will be here before you know it (although not soon enough!) and you want to be healthy, lean, and active for it.

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